Global Anabaptist Peace Network

Global Anabaptist Peace Network (GAPN)

In our desire to make peace and justice a tangible reality in our world, we need help, motivation, and support. It is not an easy pursuit! We need others. And they need us. 

For this reason, the Global Anabaptist Peace Network (GAPN) connects and supports peace organizations (agencies, schools, training programs, research projects, think-tanks, activist-focused initiatives, activists, scholars) that have emerged from and serve our global Anabaptist-Mennonite church communion. Our hope is to provide a supportive community as we work together at making our world a better and more just place. We want to help one another in embodying and witnessing to justice, peace, and reconciliation. 

In our pursuit of these goals, the GAPN seeks to: 

  • Connect the “fruit” of our Mennonite World Conference related churches and walk in solidarity with, and support, one another.
  • Strengthen the church and communities of peace and justice in our world and for the world.
  • Create opportunities to explore what it means to be dedicated to Jesus’ way of peace. 
  • Strengthen our Anabaptist-Mennonite Christian identity and our peace consciousness.

In seeking the above goals, the GAPN provides the following in our ongoing communal effort in being agents of peace and justice: 

  1. Provide information: we share and provide information, prayer requests, and resources (such as training and educational material) among member organizations.
  2. Help to connect: we want to connect and learn from one another. In order to foster this connection, we help to provide and map organizational presence and activity and share that with member organizations. 
  3. Create spaces: we create spaces whereby member organizations can connect, learn, and be transformed through gatherings and opportunities to come together. The GAPN supports and facilitates spaces for members to meet, share, learn from one another, and connect, both incarnationally (i.e. in face-to-face gatherings) as well as virtually. 

Members of the GAPN Steering Committee: 

  • Wendy Kroeker (Canada),
  • Scott Holland (USA),
  • John Wambura (Tanzania),
  • Daniel Moya (Colombia),
  • Kristiawan Danang (Indonesia)

If you and your organization are interested in joining or if you would like more information about becoming a member of the GAPN, please click below.

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