MWC Global Church Sharing Fund responds to pandemic needs

Instead of being a great leveler, the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing pre-existing systemic inequalities that benefit some and disadvantage others. How can the Anabaptist family respond? Mennonite World Conference has invited Anabaptist mission and... आगे पढ़ें

यीशु मसीहः हमारी आशा

Like the chambers of a heart, the four MWC commissions serve the global community of Anabaptist-related churches, in the areas of deacons, faith and life, peace, mission. Commissions prepare materials for consideration by the General Council, give... आगे पढ़ें

हिंसा को अस्वीकार करने वाले दो पत्र

विज्ञप्ति जारी करने की तारीखः गुरुवार, 19 दिसम्बर 2019 “हिंसा का त्याग करें और अपने शत्रुओं से प्रेम रखें।” यह मेनोनाइट वर्ल्ड काँफ्रेस के साझा विश्वास के अनुसार यह एक मेल करवाने वाला बनने का हिस्सा है। इस विश्वास को अपने जीवन में साकार करते हुए, 13... आगे पढ़ें

Everything is under the authority of Christ

Renewal 2027 testimony: Anabaptists today Renewal 2027 is a 10-year series of events organized by Mennonite World Conference’s Faith and Life Commission to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the beginnings of the Anabaptist movement. This series... आगे पढ़ें

Prophetic voices at MWC Assemblies

“Never has the world needed our message more.... Now is the time to risk everything for our belief that Jesus is the way to peace;... now is the time to live what we have spoken.” Ron Sider’s words to the Mennonite World Conference Assembly 11... आगे पढ़ें

Young people key to resilient church

A greeting from the Vietnam Mennonite Church to the world. Throughout its history, the people of the Vietnam Mennonite Church (VMC) have never failed to demonstrate their resilience and their commitment to live out the peaceful way of Christ. First... आगे पढ़ें

MWC Deacons communicate the church’s care

“The Lord’s work is one of great responsibility and being careful with the blessings that come,” says a church leader from a flooded region in Peru. With 11 churches a region affected by extreme rains and flooding, the Conferencia Peruana Hermanos... आगे पढ़ें

A Spirited gathering: MWC’s General Council meets in Kenya

“It is my wish that [during our gathering], we meet with God in the fullness of his Spirit, in the communion of his people, and the gift of unity in the midst of the theological and cultural diversity of our global church,” says general secretary... आगे पढ़ें

Generous love amid war in Democratic Republic of Congo

Loving the generous people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is not difficult, but evil happening in the rural Kasaï region of that lush country is hard to comprehend. In December 2017, survivors of civil war there told a delegation from the... आगे पढ़ें

Nepal church celebrates growth

In 2000, the Brethren in Christ (BIC) church board of Nepal sent Bhagan Chaunde to Surunga, Jhapa, Nepal, to plant churches. The passionate evangelist shared the gospel and planted a church. Starting with one new believer, Surunga Church has grown... आगे पढ़ें