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“Sometimes our faith community seems small and insular; [celebrating Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday] helped open eyes to the global family,” says Chani Wiens. The math teacher and chapel coordinator at UMEI Christian High School in Leamington, Ontario, Canada, used the Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday worship resource in a chapel service. 

“Most of our students from Mennonite congregations have Russian Mennonite heritage so it’s great to show them how prevalent Anabaptism is around the world and that they are part of a large family,” says Chani Wiens. 

MWC leaders preached in many congregations 23 January 2022, offering now-familiar online sermons in locations far from their homes on Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday.  

It was a gift for Summit Mennonite Church in Ohio to host an MWC speaker, Europe regional representative José Arrais, on Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday says pastor Christine Nafziger. “I felt especially blessed to have a connection with a brother in Christ from across the ocean – such a richness in hearing from his experience,” she says. 

“When a part of the global church invites me to share about MWC, it energizes me knowing that we are connecting,” says Cynthia Peacock, MWC regional representative for Southern Asia, who spoke at several events over the weekend. “We grow stronger as a family by learning, sharing and walking together to bless and be blessed, extending God’s kingdom on earth.” 

This year’s Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday theme was “Following Jesus together” – part of the Assembly theme. The resource materials were prepared by the host churches in Indonesia: Gereja Injil Tanah Jawa (GITJ), Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia (GKMI), Jemaat Kristen Indonesia (JKI).  

Additionally, 33 videos of Scripture reading in 16 languages and greetings from 11 congregations or groups around the world brought global visitors into local congregations across oceans and borders.  

How did your church or school celebrate Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday? Send us your stories and photos. Say hi to the global family: we welcome your 5-second greeting videos.  

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