Prayer requests YABs Fellowship Week 2023

Young Anabaptists from around the world share concerns and joys for communal prayer. 

Latin America 

El Salvador 

  • That we may give priority and recognize the importance of our relationship with God and the service to others, instead of thinking only of ourselves. 
  • That we can make a noticeable difference in our society; that we can be salt and light wherever we are; and that through our actions we reflect the love of God so through that people will want to come and serve God. 
  • That in a political context with a lot of hatred and division, young people would act in favour of others through love and actions that generate well-being and health for the community. 


  • For our pastors and national conference leaders. 
  • The emerging leadership that is rising from the youth and the programs we carry out to develop maturity and leadership. 
  • The new opportunities for the Kingdom of God to advance in our country through our conference and the generation that is rising up passionate about God’s mission. 

Costa Rica 

  • That young people are filled with fire by the Holy Spirit and that they can continue with God despite the family difficulties that it implies in many cases. 


  • That a new passion may arise, to know God, to read God’s Word and be transformed by  the Spirit. 
  • That we can remain firm in our Christian convictions beyond the pressures of society that is increasingly relativistic. 
  • That young people can find in the church a place where they feel valued and accompanied. 

North America 

  • For youth to find worth centred in their Creator and not in the approval of others. 
Photo: Tiz Brotosudarmo


South Korea 

  • A weapons factory is being built in a rural area of South Korea. Peace activists and Mennonite church is working together to stop it: pray for our courage and boldness. 

Hong Kong 

  • For the people to find the hope as Hong Kong is feeling hopeless in general (mostly because of the government). People are moving to other countries; the church is affected by this migration. 


  • This year in India we are having elections in our country: please pray that in this election we’ll get a government who will work in favour of Christians, treating them fairly. The present government has decided to make India a Hindu nation: directly or indirectly, they are torturing Christians to convert them.  


  • That there will be fair processes and wise selectin in all the countries in Africa that will be having their next election in 2024. 
  • That the youth of the churches in Africa understand more deeply what it means to be of Christ. 
  • That God would build the churches in Africa both physically and spiritually, for people will try but all to nothing. “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1). 
  • That God opens ways for employment for the youth of Africa as they seek to support the churches. 


  • That we may have relief from economic hardship across the continent.  
  • That God strengthens the churches in the country to progress even through hard times. 


  • For God’s presence as we evangelize. 


  • That Mennonite Church Uganda may get volunteers (couple or team or individuals) who can help in children’s ministry as soon  as possible. 
  • That there may be a Bible school for the training of our leaders. 
  • That peace and unity would prevail in Uganda despite theological, cultural, social and economic differences. 
  • That God may bring us a partner in the development of the Mennonite Church Uganda. 
  • That there would be political stability after a coup began between two groups seeking to unseat each other. 


  • That young adults would feel connected to their church and to know they belong to a community of faith.  
  • That churches would open up to young adults and welcome them.  

YABs Fellowship Week 2023 worship resource


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