MWC update – December 2021

The relationships in Mennonite World Conference are always growing. From the member churches that make up MWC to the emerging networks linking church-supported agencies, MWC facilitates connections between Anabaptist organizations. 

  • Stephanie Setiawan joins MWC’s team as web communications assistant. A member of GKMI Sidoarjo, Indonesia, where she teaches Sunday school, she has experience in  social media management and website work. She worked with children in Colombia on MWC and MCC’s joint YAMEN program, and recently served as a global mission fellow with Global Ministries (United Methodist) in Argentina.
  • The communications team thanks Alexandro Marthin, YAMEN intern from 2018-2019, who continued to volunteer with web communications until 2021.  
Stephanie Setiawan
Alexandro Marthin
  • MWC officers J. Nelson Kraybill (president), Henk Stenvers (president-elect), Sunoko Lin (treasurer) and César García (general secretary) met November 2021 for the first in-person officers gathering since 2019. Vice president Rebecca Osiro was unable to attend the meeting.  
  • The Global Church Sharing Fund is administered by the Deacons Commission to distribute financial resources for specific needs in  the church. In 2021, eight projects received a GCSF grant in Angola, Belize, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania for food support, church building funds and COVID-19 vaccination clinic. 

In December, online registration opened for Assembly 17 in Indonesia in 2022. 

“We rejoice in the cross-cultural friendships fostered between Anabaptist-Mennonites around the globe through the activities of Mennonite World Conference as we share each other’s joys and burdens in prayer and solidarity,” says César García, MWC general secretary.