The Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace of the World Council of Churches

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The World Council of Churches called for a “pilgrimage” of justice and peace. Applying a transformative spirituality, local communities have been visited in every region, to celebrate the gifts of life, to touch the wounds, and to transform the injustices. Key-themes have emerged on the way: Truth and Trauma, Land and Displacement, Gender Justice, and Racism.

Presenters: Fernando Enns, Mennonite (born in Brazil, living in Europe), representative of the Association of Mennonite Congregations in Germany at the World Council of Churches; Professor for Peace-Theology and Ethics at the Free University Amsterdam/The Netherlands and University of Hamburg/Germany. Andrés Pacheco Lozano, Mennonite (born in Colombia, living in the Netherlands), Secretary of the Global Mennonite Peace Network (MWC); Lecturer and Researcher at Free University Amsterdam/The Netherlands, secretary.

Indonesia 2022: workshop