Creation care that makes a difference

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Indonesia 2022: Workshop

Humanity’s impact on the environment demonstrates the need for a change of direction. Yet so often steps toward “creation care” seem overwhelmingly large or too small to make a difference. This workshop will examine ways followers of Jesus as individuals and organizations can live into a more sustainable future.

Presenter: Tim Wiebe-Neufeld is Executive Minister of Mennonite Church Alberta and chairs Mennonite Church Canada’s Sustainability Leadership Group. His interest in “creation care” spans decades, from exploring environmental theology in his Master of Theological Studies thesis in the early 1990s to completing a Master of Environment and Business degree in 2020.


  • The first minutes of the workshop are not recorded. Here is the missing script:

"To begin my workshop I would like to share a little bit of my own journey with Creation Care. I have two distinct childhood experiences that deeply impacted my sense of the natural world around me: and those were mountains and steel mills. I always loved trips to the west coast of Canada, where the mountains were so beautiful and awe-inspiring. It was quite the contrast from where I grew up, near the industrial sector of Hamilton. There the landscape was dominated by smokestacks." 

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