Prayers of Gratitude and Intercession

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We keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. As the Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure continue, the lack of power becomes life threatening in winter.  
Pastors continue their relief work and often travel to the war-ravaged cities to aid suffering people even as missile attacks continue. 
The church in Molochansk asks for help and prayer for the elderly. For many years, they cared for seniors in a church building converted to a nursing home. This nursing home has been confiscated by the Russian army and the residents evicted. The church cares for them in private homes now, but nursing is difficult and very expensive under war circumstances.   
Pray for those who serve as chaplains in the army. They serve in an environment where hate of the enemy is cultivated, where enemy soldiers are dehumanized. May they find the courage, strength and wisdom to resist these forces of hate and dehumanization. May they bring healing to the many traumatized by this war.  

31 January 2023

Prayer for Anabaptist-Mennonites around the world
Creator God,
Forgive us our sins, for you are the one who gives. You have never committed injustice. We want peace in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior. You know all of the problems that cross our borders, families, country and congregation. Strengthen us with your liberating blood. It is not through our own strength that we can do everything, but it is through your will that we will vanquish evil with good. In Jesus Christ we are more than conquerors.
—submitted by Jean Mukula Kasenu, Communtaute des Eglises Frères Mennonites au Congo
Photo: Christen Kong

24 January 2023

• Pray for peaceful solutions to those experiencing violent conflict, especially in eastern Congo and Burkina Faso.
• Pray for the many people in Africa who are experiencing hunger and drought, due to the impacts of climate change and the war in Ukraine
—Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday 2023
Photo: Siaka Traore

15 January 2023

Pray for Malawi where a growing cholera outbreak has spread throughout the country, causing more than 500 deaths since March. It is projected to worsen with the coming rainy season. People still displaced by a January 2022 tropical storm and March 2022 cyclone lack access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene to prevent infection. Pray for MWC national member churches Brethren in Christ Church and Mennonite Brethren Church in Malawi as they work to treat and prevent disease.  
Photo: Henk Stenvers

09 January 2023

One thousand Christians from more than 20 villages in Narayanpur and Kondagaon districts of Chhattisgarh state have fled violent mobs who attacked people and church buildings. Several congregations of Mennonite Church in are located in these districts. Members of the MCI Executive Committee visited the region to bring food and relief supplies, to evaluate the situation and to stand with the new believers in solidarity. The situation is very critical. We request for special prayers for the victims of the violence and to intercede for the country as a whole so that citizens of all faiths will inherit 2023 in peace and harmony. 
—submitted by Vikal Rao, Mennonite Church India, Chhattisgarh 
Photo: Vikal Rao

06 January 2023

Lord, be with us in the seasons of the new year: 

As there are births and deaths; 

As we plant and harvest, 

As there is breaking down and building up; 

As we weep, laugh, mourn and dance, 

As there is gathering and releasing, tearing and mending, 

As there is peace and war; 

Lord, teach our hearts through repentance and love; 

Lord, guide our actions in courage, faith and grace; 

Lord, walk with us through your Holy Spirit and through the prayers and presence of each other. 

(Inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) 

02 January 2023

Pray for peace and social harmony in the Ivory Coast. 
—submitted by Boressi Hermann Gnahore, Église des Frères Mennonites de Côte d’Ivoire
Photo: Windhi Arsari

02 January 2023

Praise the Lord for Convención Evangélica Hermanos Menonitas Nivaclé in the Paraguayan Chaco that held an evangelistic event in October. May the seeds planted there take root and grow into faith in Christ and a life of discipleship.
—submitted by Leonardo Gomez, Convención Evangélica Hermanos Menonitas Nivaclé, Paraguay
Photo: Михаил Павленко/Unsplash

27 December 2022

We pray about the leadership challenges in the Indian churches. We also pray for new believers who are desiring to be baptized. May congregations take courageous steps to offer baptism.
—submitted by Vikal Rao, Mennonite Church India, Chhattisgarh
Photo: Karla Braun

19 December 2022

We pray for the MC Canada congregations and pastors who are recovering from the pandemic. Attendance at worship has decreased and many pastors are feeling tired and uncertain about the future, yet we have hope that God is doing a new thing in this time. While new ways of being the church are beginning to emerge, many still grieve what was. Pray that we may have the to humility admit our longings to God the courage to follow Jesus to the place where the church in Canada will be renewed.
—submitted by Doug Klassen, executive minister, Mennonite Church Canada
Photo: Sam Abhinav

12 December 2022

We pray for the many suffering in the Middle East. We pray especially for safety and inspiring encounters for a Mennonite Central Committee learning tour to Lebanon.
Photo: Windhi Arsari

06 December 2022

We pray for the youth in Europe. It is difficult for them to find hope and a future under the threat of many crises. Some develop psychological illnesses, especially those affected by the horrors of war.
Photo: PerdianTumanan

22 November 2022

We pray for our brothers and sisters in South Korea after the tragic death of more than 100 young people in a crowd in Itaewon. May God equip Mennonite Church South Korea and Korean Anabaptist Centre to live out peace in a militarized country.
Photo: Alexandro Marthin

14 November 2022

While the world may continue to look for weapons to bring about peace and justice by force, we know that true and lasting peace can only be accomplished through unceasing prayers. As we look to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, let us pray for hearts to be changed and for the weapons to be silenced. Throughout history, God has changed hopeless and dire situations in surprising ways, and God can do it once again. And let us also pray for healing and for reconciliation, and that Russia and Ukraine could live in peace as independent, sovereign nations.
—from the World Evangelical Alliance call for prayer for Ukraine
Photo: Justian Trisnandi

07 November 2022

Creator God,  
Thank you for the glory of trees in autumn.  
Red, orange, yellow: the changing leaves remind me to stop and to wonder at the everyday miracle of changing seasons.  
This fall beauty is giving me new eyes to pay attention to all the wonders you have made.  
The majesty of your creation is all around us.  
Today, I pray also for renewed eyes to see the glory of your image that is found in one another as we work together to respond to a changing climate.  
May we be able to see your transforming power as we listen to one another, pray with one another, and engage in actions together to care for your precious creation.  
Just as the changing season reflects another aspect of your glory, may we also find space to wonder and praise in our response, together.  
—Anna Vogt (Canada), Creation Care Task Force  
Photo: Karla Braun

02 November 2022

The new government in Colombia has expressed the intention of initiating conversations with the various armed groups to bring an end to their armed action. It has also taken steps to normalize relations between Colombia and Venezuela. Pray that both initiatives will create conditions for a better life for people.
—submitted by Paul Stucky, MWC regional representative for Latin America – Andean region
Photo: Juan Francisco Novoa

31 October 2022

“Remember your leaders, those who spoke the word of God to you; consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.” (Hebrews 13:7)  

Lord God, thank you for calling and equipping leaders to serve the church in humility and grace. May we support them with our prayers and through encouraging words and actions.   


23 October 2022

Pray for infrastructure development for our congregations and capacity building of our prospective leaders in Uganda. Pray for ability to reach out to the unreached in our communities
—submitted by Simon Okoth, Mennonite Church Uganda
Photo: Henk Stenvers

21 October 2022

We pray for the Lord´s provision for the work of living out the good news. May God awaken us to his mission. May we have eyes, hearts and hands ready to receive new projects and new workers that God raises up.
Photo:Windhi Arsari

18 October 2022

We pray to be able to reach people locally in Paraguay and to support each other among churches and local conventions.
—submitted by Clemens Rahn, Asociación Hermanos Menonitas, Paraguay
Photo: Windhi Arsari

10 October 2022