Prayers of Gratitude and Intercession

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Pray for infrastructure development of the Mennonite Church Uganda; for a bible school to enhance capacity building of the leaders for a sustainable Church, Pray for new Church Plants as the demand rises every single day, pray that God may bring a volunteer team or individual to reinforce child evangelism.
—submitted by Simon Okoth, Uganda
Photo: Henk Stenvers

27 July 2023

We pray for the complex and difficult life circumstances that many women face in Latin America, and also for the children. Some of the problems that assail them include abuse and violence aimed at them, insufficient food, few educational possibilities, and few opportunities. May the Spirit of God inspire us to be light and act on behalf of the children and women. Amen.
—submitted by Adaía Bernal, Colombia
Photo: Karla Braun

25 July 2023


21 July 2023

Pray for Lewin Mennonite Bible Church who had to stop conducting their worship services at a member’s home because the rent was raised to a very high price that the congregation cannot afford to pay.
—submitted by Eladio Mondez, Philippines
Photo: Canva

18 July 2023

We pray for the Mennonite church in Janga, Pernambuco, Brazil. An apartment building collapsed 7 July 2023 close to the church. Several adults and children who frequented the church’s services and outreach programs died. Pastor Valdemir Bento welcomes all prayers.

18 July 2023

Praise God that we can meet together as national churches to worship, fellowship and discern. We pray for the following national churches who are holding their annual general conference: 

  • BIC Zimbabwe: 28-30 August 2023 at Mtshabezi Mission 
  • BIC Mozambique: 27-30 July 2023 in Beira. 
  • BIC Malawi: 10-13 August 2023 
  • Communauté Mennonite de Kinshasa, DRC: 16-19 August 2023 (including new pastor dedication)
18 July 2023

It has been a few weeks since the government declared a water emergency due to the lack of water, and the available water has a high salt content. Pray that sufficient rainfall will come soon to alleviate the water shortage. Pray for the well-being and health of the people in Uruguay as they have to rely on buying water from the supermarket. May God provide a solution to this situation and ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe water. 
—ICOMB Update July 2023 

MWC member congregations in Uruguay
Consejo de las Congregaciones de los Hermanos Menonitas del Uruguay* 
Convención de Iglesias Evangélicas Menonitas en Uruguay* 
Konferenz der Mennonitengemeinden in Uruguay* 

Read more about Uruguay: 
Uruguay: A mission challenge

12 July 2023

Church attendance has reduced as much as 50% since the pandemic in some places. Pray for spiritual revival. Pray for peace to prevail in the political area so that there will be meaningful development in all sectors of the economy.
—submitted by Sindah Ngulube, bishop, BIC, Zimbabwe
Photo: Monica Figueroa

11 July 2023

We pray against the violence and the disappearance of primarily women. We pray that the political parties in Mexico act truthfully.
—submitted by Ofelia García Hernández
Photo: Kus Darianto

03 July 2023

Pray for the ministry through gospel magazines in India in many languages: Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya and Nepali.
—submitted by Raja Rao SomayaJula
Photo: MCI Singpur

22 June 2023

Pray for the expansion of the Mennonite Church in West Africa – Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea (Conakry) – and for new workers on mission.
—submitted by Timothy Koiba
Photo: Tiz Brotosudarmo

19 June 2023

Mexico and Central America face serious political and socioeconomic conflicts. These pose serious challenges to the mission of the church. Pray for the wisdom of the Spirit as churches use Anabaptist-Mennonite lenses to rethink how to live out their presence, mission and pastoral tasks.
submitted by Willi Hugo Perez, MWC regional representative, Central America
Photo: Juan Francisco Novoa

12 June 2023

Ongoing rainfall irregularities in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia have led to severe food insecurity. Pray for humanitarian assistance.
—submitted by Jumanne Magiri Mafwiri, MWC regional representative, East Africa
Photo: Eduard Klassen

05 June 2023

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, Anabaptist-Mennonite churches are discerning in practical ways what it means to be a peace church. Pray for creativity and inspiration to live out the gospel of peace with wise words and effective actions.
Photo: Preshit Rao

29 May 2023

Pray for Mennonite young people in Myanmar. The stresses of living under a violent military dictatorship cause despair and some wish to join armed resistance. Praise God for a recent youth conference where they could be encouraged and learn about peace. Pray for the church members who continue to suffer violence in the ongoing civil war. Some experience shortages of daily food and displacement from their homes.
—submitted by Amos Chin, Myanmar
Photo: Sam Abhinav

23 May 2023

In Burkina Faso, the security situation continues to deteriorate and the number of people killed and displaced is increasing. In this context, the government is asking the entire nation to contribute to the war effort through individual, collective, civil and religious mobilization. The Federation of Evangelical Churches and Missions (FEME) has asked its members (including the Evangelical Mennonite Church of Burkina Faso, EEMBF) to contribute to the war effort by setting an amount for each church. 

EEMBF president Calixte Bananzaro and Pastor Siaka Traoré (also of the EEMBF, and at the same time MWC's representative for Central/West Africa) are planning a meeting with the president of the FEME to explain the non-violent position of Mennonites which conflicts with this request. They ask for the prayerful support of the global church in these steps. May God prepare this meeting, and give wisdom and discernment to all in the discussion. 
— submitted by Anicka Fast, Secretary of MWC Faith and Life Commission, in consultation with Calixte Bananzaro and Siaka Traoré
Photo: Siaka Traoré and Calixte Bananzaro will represent the peace stance of Burkina Faso’s Mennonites in response to new military taxation. Photos provided.

22 May 2023

Pray for our broken world, especially regarding deaths happening at gunpoint in the USA without justice.
—submitted by Ruth Anne Friesen
Photo: Kristina Toews

16 May 2023

God of mercy, Jesus our brother, Spirit our comforter, 

Grant to these brothers and sisters faith through daily hardships,  
hope amid challenges and dangers, peace despite violence,  
and encouragement to persist in faithfulness from the solidarity of the global family. 

We pray for all people of faith in this region who are persecuted for their beliefs. 
We thank you, God, for the servants you have and are equipping as ministers of the gospel.  
May you multiply the seeds for sowing and increase the harvest (2 Corinthians 9:10). 

Kyrie eleison, Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer!
In the name of Jesus, our peace, 

Pastoral letter regarding persecuted Anabaptist-Mennonites
05 May 2023

Praise God for health care workers who walk alongside people in our moments of life and death, and of struggles and joys. Let us give thanks for the inquisitive minds, skills hands and healing hearts of health care workers. Pray for the upcoming meetings of the Global Anabaptist Health Network in June 2023. May the time together be restorative for these servants whose vocation carried an especially heavy load during the pandemic. 

04 May 2023

Pray for the newly formed coalition government and for political stability in Nepal. Pray for the protection of children, old and weak people from climatic.
—submitted by Ganesh Kumar Shah, Nepal
Photo: Wilhelm Unger

01 May 2023