Prayers of Gratitude and Intercession

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The countries of the Sahel, particularly Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, are in tension with ECOWAS. The risk of clashes still persists through threats from both sides.
—submitted by Siaka Traoré, MWC regional representative for Central West Africa

09 January 2024

Pray for the preparations to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Anabaptism in Zurich in 2025. May it be an opportunity of reflection to celebrate the movement’s strengths and repent of its failures while also seeking reconciliation with those who have been estranged.

Anabaptists on the streets of Zurich

02 January 2024

Pray for the spread of the Word of God. Some regions lack Scripture in their language or do not have ready access to copies of the Bible. Pray for resourcing provision.
Photo: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

25 December 2023

Pray for parts of East Africa affected by heavy rains and mudslides. Earlier in December, some 80 people were reported to have died in Tanzania after mudslides carried large rocks and uprooted trees, reaching depths of up to 8 metres. In the village of Hanang, Tanzania, the church remains standing but nearly all the houses were destroyed. Mennonite churches in Kisumu and Migori, Kenya, suffered excess rains. Flooding in Kenya continued to worsen throughout December with many deaths reported in northern Kenya.

Officials from MWC member church Kanisa la Menonite Tanzania visited the affected people in Hanang. Pictured (l-r) are a local diocese pastor; pastor Emmanuel Hagai, KMT General Secretary; Chris Rwanga Kateti, area bishop; bishop Nelson M. Kisare, KMT Moderator; local (government) leader.

21 December 2023
Praise God for the peace process in Colombia, especially for the recent Roundtable in which Mennonite theologian Fernando Enns participated as a representative of the World Council of Churches. May the peace process lead to a just and lasting peace so Colombians can live in safety and hope for the future. Photo: Flavia Carpio/Unsplash
18 December 2023

“Let us pray for peace, because this war impoverishes us,” says Siaka Traoré, MWC regional representative for Central West Africa. In Burkina Faso, the government enlists young people to serve their country through the military, providing a dilemma for young Christians.
Photo: Virginia Lackinger/Unsplash

11 December 2023

Pray for the young leaders participating in YAMEN (Mennonite Central Committee and MWC's joint exchange program). Several months into their program, the barrage of new experiences may become exhausting instead of exciting. Pray that they would cultivate friendships – in their placement location, back at home and with other program participants – to manage their homesickness. Pray that they would have the energy and curiosity to continue to make connections in their placement location: at church, in the neighbourhood and in their work.
Photo: Blessing service during Latin American YAMEN orientation in Guatemala/YAMEN

04 December 2023

Lord, have mercy on the Volta region of Ghana where river flooding has affected people in the Eastern region. Several farms, fish cages, properties were condemned and many people become homeless in Sogakope, Mepe, Akuse, Agave, Ziweonu, Galo, Sota, Gborgblenukpo, Hawui, Tademe, Sokpoe and many other areas, reports Francis Dzivor, Ghana Mennonite Church president and MWC General Council delegate. Mennointe congregations in Tademe and Dalive were affected.
Photo: Canva

27 November 2023

Pray for the churches in Northeast Asia: congregations in Japan and Hong Kong especially are aging. Pastors are retiring. Pray for a living spark to renew churches and to draw younger people to choose to follow Jesus in the fellowship of others.
Photo: Tottori Mennonite Church/Atsuhiro Katano

21 November 2023

Let us pray and work for both peace and justice – for all people in the Holy Land. Please pray for the following: 

  1. That there would be an immediate and lasting ceasefire (with care for those wounded in body or spirit). 
  2. That all people – Jewish, Christian, Muslim – who work for a just peace in the Middle East would be bold and effective. 
  3. That God would empower and protect Christians in Palestine. (We think especially of the Christian community we know in Bethlehem.) 
  4. That Christians around the world would care as much for Palestinians as we care for Israelis.

Nelson and Ellen Kraybill (English)

17 November 2023

Political and ethnic unrest in the state of Manipur has resulted in thousands displaced, living in refugee camps or having fled to other states. Pray for a halt to hate speech and violence. Pray that different groups would be willing to learn about the other. Pray for peace in the state.
Photo: Tiz Brotosudarmo

13 November 2023

Ethnic or religious nationalism influences people to marginalize or even act violently against those who are outside their group. This is especially happening now in the USA, India and Indonesia. We pray for Christians to open their eyes to the harm of such philosophies. We pray for wisdom to counter such philosophies with truth and grace.
Photo: Prateek Gautam/Unsplash

07 November 2023

Pray for those who are persecuted and those who lack justice; for those who are going through difficult times of crisis, like those in Eastern DR Congo. M23 rebels have committed unlawful killings, rape and other wire crimes in the region. Churches and homes have been destroyed. Pray for a de-escalation of violence. Pray for emotional healing for those who have been affected, both as victims and as perpetrators.
Photo: Lina Trochez/Unsplash

30 October 2023

Colombia is experiencing a revival of dedication to God's work, and we ask prayer that new servants will join this work every day. May the churches unite in a common vision. May our churches in Colombia find unity as we are divided into three regions that prevent us from thinking together and planning how best to work in Christ's name. Please pray for the security and protection of our country in the face of ever-increasing violence. Many armed groups are taking the law into their own hands. May our leaders be in good health, for some of them are elderly and suffer from health problems, while others have no health insurance to cover their medical expenses. Finally, please pray that God will accompany us in our evangelistic activities and in the planting of new churches across the country, especially in Tolima, a department where we do not yet have a presence.
—Juan Francisco Novoa Duque, Iglesias Cristianas Hermanos Menonitas Region Central
Photo: Canva

24 October 2023

Praise the Lord for Christian schools from primary to graduate, where students can receive not only education but also formation in Christian ethics and spiritual transformation. We pray that our Anabaptist schools will be places of light, hope and peace in our community. We pray for teachers who sense God’s calling to mentor and inspire our students. We pray for boards and leadership teams who keep our schools moving toward our mission.
—submitted by the Global Anabaptist Education Network (GAEN)
Photo: IEP Promesa school/Henk Stenvers


16 October 2023

We ask churches and individuals to pray that the violence will end and that conciliation can begin.

  • Pray for the hostages to return safely to their homes and families.
  • Pray for those who mourn to be surrounded by loved ones as they grieve.
  • And pray that peace workers, negotiators and government staff will put people’s lives and human dignity above political or military gains.   

Although this conflict has been going on for decades, let us unite in asking our God to have mercy on Israel and Palestine, and for a just, peaceful and sustainable resolution to this crisis. 

A pastoral letter for peace in the Holy Land

09 October 2023

Pray for leaders in Kenya to embrace tolerance and peace come what may for the growth and development of the nation.
—submitted by Samson Omondi, Kenya Mennonite Church
Photo: Kristina Toews

09 October 2023

Pray for those affected by wildfires, especially in Spain and Italy where there are Anabaptist-Mennonite churches.
Photo: Estreito da Calheta, Portugal. Michael Held/Unsplash

02 October 2023

Pray that God would raise people to financially support training at Sikalongo Bible Institute and the building project for Chilenje BICC in Zambia. Pray for church planters and for bishop Thuma Hamukang'andu and staff members at the Bible institute. Praise God for the successful Zambian General conference. Praise God for the sacrificial service of pastors, some who are faithful despite failing to put food on the table. Praise God for the peace we are enjoying in Zambia.
—submitted by Donald Munachoonga, BICC, Zambia
Photo: Canva

26 September 2023

Dear brothers, we ask you to pray to the Lord about our situation in Cuba. It is almost impossible to live here. There is an extreme lack of food, medicine and everything else necessary for survival. The population is really suffering: there are barely enough medical staff to treat people in the hospitals; there are no first-aid supplies either; children don't have enough to eat; people are starving to death in the streets. A mass exodus is underway, even to Haiti. Many people die on the journey, while others want to try to leave, but lack the resources to do so. There are no smiles or joys left in my city, only drawn faces. Only God knows how to solve this problem. Please pray for us.
—Beatriz Mendez Vidal, Concilio Menonita en Cuba, president
Photo: La Iglesia Shekinah, Cuba

19 September 2023