MWC – new pictures, people and publication

Mennonite World Conference weaves a web of connections within the Anabaptist Mennonite family around the world through website, emails, social media, publishing and relations with other organizations. Here are some new connecting points.

  • MWC’s social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is expanding to include Flickr, a photo-sharing site. MWC images are organized by event, tagged by subject and can be downloaded for use with news stories.

    Click here to view MWC photos.
  • With gratefulness for their faithful contribution, MWC said farewell to some workers and welcomed new ones. MCC SALT volunteer Danielle Gonzales returned to the USA and new SALT participant Taressa Van Dam (USA) arrived to continue the job of web communications coordinator in the MWC Bogota office. Earlier in the year, MCC International Programs assistant in the MWC Lancaster office (USA) Marianne Hlavaty took over administrative duties from Rebecca Pereverzoff, and in the MWC Kitchener office (Canada), Sarah Cain replaced Kristen Hines who served as administrative assistant since 2006. Karina Derksen-Schrock, interpretation coordinator during Assembly 16, now joins the team from the USA in the newly created role of translation/interpretation coordinator.

  • Translated into Japanese by a Mennonite Brethren member Hironori Minamino, Word of Life Press Ministries has published God’s Shalom Project, an MWC Global Anabaptist Shelf volume by Bernhard Ott. The Japanese book can be purchased on Word of Life’s website and through Amazon.

—Karla Braun, Mennonite World Conference news release