Caring Together - Evening Plenary: 8 July 2022

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Assembly Gathered: Friday evening 
Following Jesus – caring together 
8 July 2022 
Latin America focus 

Master of ceremonies: Penta Kostafani 
Prayers: Jeanette Bissoon 
Reflection: Tri Atmono, IndonesiaTestimony: Willi Hugo Perez, Guatemala 
(presented by Bruce Campbell-Janz, USA)  
Scripture: Angie Tatiana Morales Florido, Colombia 
Music: Edy Kristanto and children on angklung and gamelan 
Special focus: Introducing the new president 
Plenary speaker: Cindy Alpízar Alpízar (representing the Mission Commission), Costa Rica 

GITJ Margokerto is one of the first Mennonite churches in the Muria area. It has a strong standing in the community. 

Voiceover in French: 
"The dance of creation” 
Among all the planets of the universe, only one is capable of supporting life. Some call it the miracle planet. 
And almost 5 billion years ago, a gigantic asteroid crashed into the Earth, tilting it at an exact angle of 23° and a half to the sun. Accident or miracle? 
It was this providential tilt, this little helping hand from the universe that changed everything and created the seasons, climatic extremes, heat, cold and these magnificent landscapes. 
Ideal conditions for life on earth. 
And God saw that it was good.

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