Assembly News #7

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Latest Update on Assembly on-site

MWC Assembly in Indonesia is welcoming 700 on-site participants with the option of additional Indonesian guests at the opening and closing services based on local government guidelines.

The Assembly will take place in Salatiga, Central Java. Lodging will be possible in the hotels at the Assembly site. Some parts of the program will be streamed from satellite locations and held online for participants to get to know more about Indonesia. Global Youth Summit (GYS) participation will be limited to a maximum of 120 participants, including official delegates from each church, and will not have a virtual component.

Assembly Gathered daily themes

  • Tuesday (opening): Following Jesus together across barriers
  • Wednesday: following Jesus, learning together
  • Thursday: following Jesus, living together
  • Friday: following Jesus, caring together
  • Saturday: following Jesus, celebrating together
  • Sunday (closing): following Jesus together

For more information and updates, please visit the A17 event website.

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