Morning sermons - PA 2015

Read the full text of the morning sermons from PA 2015, by Rebecca Osiro, Tigist Tesfaye Gelagle, Nancy Heisey, Remilyn Mondez, Shant Kumar S Kunjam, Kevin Ressler, Hippolyto Tshimanga, Marc Pasqués and Rodrigo Pedroza. These can also be a helpful resource as you prepare to celebrate World Fellowship Sunday with your congregation.

Morning Sermons from PA 2015

God walks with us 

(Rebecca Osiro, Kenya and Tom Yoder Neufeld, Canada)

Doubt is shaped by context. The phrase, jakol kudho(the thorn remover), has been coined alongside kiawa to affirm the positive as well as iron out the negative aspects of doubt in one’s journey. The term jakol kudho (the thorn remover) literally applies to someone who will remove the thorn that has pierced the traveler’s foot. As a concept the term applies to an aide, enabler or companion.

Doubt sharpens our convictions 

(Tigist Tesfaye Gelagle, Ethiopia)

Faith is like walking with doubt and conviction. I deeply cherish the African tradition that we heard. We young people are facing many wild animals and poisonous reptiles called doubt as we walk the journey with God. Indeed, despite our wishes and various clever attempts, it is impossible that as a traveller we succeed to escape thorns.

Children of light 

(Nancy Heisey, USA) 

May we reach into the pastoral, Christ-centred heart of Paul and those who heard his call so that our light as children of Light will make that difference, today, this year, and as long as God calls us to God’s mission on this earth. 

Soldiers in the army of the living God 

(Remilyn Mondez, Philippines)

Let us not dwell only in the death of Jesus, but let us also bask in the victory of his glorious resurrection. Let us keep our eyes on him, from whom we can find healing. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Fight a good fight of faith by being bold and valiant soldiers.

In Christ, free to love 

(Shant Kunjam, India)

We are liberated in Jesus Christ for a divine royal lifestyle of love and service. The freedom in Jesus Christ spells a freedom that invites us to demonstrate in our personal and community lives the character of God in Jesus Christ; and to mutually share our gifts and talents, that is, to share our lives with one another in loving services.

Repentance and forgiveness 

(Kevin Ressler, USA)

It is always a challenge to balance autonomy and community. At times, it feels more natural to say autonomy versus community. But we grow through our diversity. Although we only know our autonomy, seeing how we are different from the larger community, there is no value in autonomy if we do not suspend our individual prioritization to benefit the community with our uniqueness.

The church must be about holistic mission 

(Hippolyto Tshimanga, Canada)

Jesus’ offer for us to partake in his kingdom is a gift that we should welcome with gratitude. And gratitude (“hakarat ha’tov”as the Hebrew language translates), refers to awakening to the good we have been given and to give thanks for it. Let us be grateful to God, for the offer of his kingdom, for gratitude is contagious. 

Walking in Receiving and Giving 

(Marc Pasqués, Spain/Australia and Rodrigo Pedroza, Mexico)

We cannot just simply come with banners reading “God loves you,” because not being able to listen to the needs of those who are suffering would lead us to commit the sin of wanting to impose evangelization. It is perhaps a “passive” evangelization, but at the same time it bears witness in a radical way; through our actions we engage people in our lifestyle.