YABs Fellowship Week 2024 - Prayer requests

Latin America


  • Young people are concerned with mental health and access to work. They face hopelessness regarding the life conditions. Pray for economic resources and opportunities to support and accompany young women to serve in the church where discrimination may limit their possibilities.



  • Pray for the efforts of building a cross-synod Mennonite youth network to prevent sexual violence in the MWC member churches (JKI, GKMI, GITJ) and develop youth groups based on gender equality issues.



  • We want YABs across the global family to join us to say thank you to God for his grace and mercy on the continent within this past year. We also want to ask that the Lord continue to protect us from famine, drought and conflict. We ask for God’s steadfast love to continue to shine on us.



  • For Germany, please pray that young people grow in their faith and bring new life to the churches. For Europe, ongoing problems with migration and Asylum politics, pray for politicians to make wise decisions and help refugees to find a safe home.

North America


  • Pray for the young people of the churches that they may continue to have interest in leadership. Pray for the upcoming elections (November 2024) and the role of the United States regarding the peace of the world.

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