Global team, one focus: planning Assembly 17 in Indonesia

How do you gather thousands of Mennonites every six years for five days of worship, fellowship and learning? With a lot of planning, prayer and people.

New staff have begun serving Mennonite World Conference to prepare for the global gathering Assembly 17, now postponed to 5-10 July 2022 in Semarang, Indonesia.

“The global pandemic is changing how we live, worship, gather as a family and how we travel. The MWC global Assembly is not immune to this reality,” says Liesa Unger, Chief International Events Officer.

“The likelihood we can safely gather in person as a global family for group worship, service and learning in 2021 seems low. To allow both MWC staff and attendees to properly plan for the event, we have chosen to postpone it to 2022,” says MWC president J. Nelson Kraybill.

“Changing the date of Assembly is a challenge, but we look at this challenge as an opportunity” says Liesa Unger. “Assembly staff will use the extra time to create online meetings and celebrations while preparing for the face to face meeting in 2022.”

Liesa Unger works with six teams on Assembly preparation: Logistics (led by national co-coordinators Sarah Yetty and Agus Setianto, Indonesia; Program (see program committee here); Registration (led by registration coordinator Nelson M Martínez, Colombia); Marketing and Communications (led by Daniel Trihandoyo); Volunteer Coordination (led by YABs mentor Tigist Gelagle, Ethiopia); Translation and Interpretation (led by Karina Derksen Schrock, USA, with support from Ary Rusdianto, Indonesia).

  • Sarah Yetty, national co-coordinators & logistics. Click here for her biography.
  • Agus Setianto, national co-coordinators & logistics. Click here for his biography.
  • Nelson M Martínez, registration coordinator. Click here for his biography.
  • Daniel Trihandoyo, marketing and communications. Click here for his biography.
  • Tigist Gelagle, volunteer coordination. Click here for her biography.
  • Karina Derksen Schrock, translation and interpretation coordinator. Click here for her biography.
  • ​Ary Rusdianto,  translation and interpretation support. Click here for his biography.




Several support staff have also begun their assignments:

Office administration team

  • Lydia Suyanti, Indonesia, Assembly office assistant – Indonesia (full-time). Click here for her biography.
  • Rianna Isaak Krauß, Germany/Canada/USA, Assembly office assistant – international (part-time). Click here for her biography.


Registration team

  • Lorenzo Fellycyano, Indonesia, registration assistant – bookkeeping and finances (full-time). Click here for his biography.
  • Ebenezer Mondez, Philippines, registration assistant – communication and materials (full-time). Click here for his biography.
  • Preshit Rao, India, registration assistant – IT (full-time). Click here for his biography.






Logistics team

  • Simon Setiawan, Indonesia, national co-coordinators assistant (part-time; start date pending); Logistics team​. Click here for his biography.







All full-time staff will move to Semarang, Indonesia, when it becomes possible closer to the date.

Visit the Assembly 17 information page on the website for the latest news.

—Mennonite World Conference


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