Ministry partner update: IBICA – August 2017

The International Brethren in Christ Association (IBICA) is the common network for all national conferences of the Brethren in Christ church with the aim to facilitate communication, build trust and cooperation within our global community, and to establish common and mutual understanding through our set of core values. An associate member of MWC, IBICA has some 190,000 attendees in over 30 countries around the world representing dozens of national churches.

Prayers from around the world:

Praise God for the interest and growth of a small group of seekers and new believers in a village in Thailand. Pray that they will take the step of baptism soon.

Thank God that he is using recent pastor installations, fresh biblical teachings and simple recycling lessons to build his church in Malawi.

News from Canada:

On 6 May 2017, 476 delegates and community members from 67 churches, community groups and partner organizations met for the BIC Canada Annual General Meeting. Amid worship, prayer, conversations and videos, we discussed core business decisions including denominational name change. The process that led to the vote has roots even further back than 2014 when leaders first met to discuss the tensions around our name Brethren in Christ Canada. We are pleased to announce that our new denominational name is Be in Christ Church of Canada. We are very excited by the new opportunities this name affords to initiate conversations about what it means to follow Jesus.

—Alex Nicholls, director of communications & donor coordination, BIC Canada