How to make friends and pray for people – online

11 tips for using the Assembly Hub

You can meet brothers and sisters within the wide diversity of the Mennonite World Conference family in the Assembly Hub.

  1. Log on to the Assembly Hub (Cvent app) before the event to set up your profile. Add a photo, your title and affiliations, and a quote that says something about you.
  2. Earn points in the game challenges by participating in Assembly online.
  3. Visit the exhibits. Learn about the networks and agencies within the Mennonite World Conference family.
  4. Make a plan to meet people across barriers. Use the messaging and instant networking features to talk to others.
  5. Maximize social media: use the event hashtag (#mwcmm) when you post pictures and thoughts on the plenaries, workshops and Global Church Village stage. Publicize your attendance at the event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal website/blog. Join the Facebook group.
  6. If you’re on-site participant, share your experience in photos and vlogs. If you’re an online participant, show us your set up: From where are you participating? Who is with you there? Send photos to
  7. Use translation software to meet someone who doesn’t speak your language. Websites like Google Translate and can aide you in exchanging messages with someone you wouldn’t otherwise understand.
  8. Engage with the sessions by asking questions on the Assembly Hub. Private message with new contacts as you hear subjects you’d like to learn more about from their perspective.
  9. Share information with others. Post related articles on virtual bulletin boards.
  10. Join a seven-person discussion group to hear different perspectives on a topic.
  11. Don’t stop when the Sunday service ends. You can watch videos on the Assembly Hub until 30 September 2022.

You may see more languages than you are accustomed to in the Assembly Hub. To ensure everyone can participate in the same conversation, some content will appear in all four languages (English, Spanish, French, Indonesian).

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