YABs Fellowship Week 2020 letter

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April 2020

Dear Young Anabaptists,

Grace and peace to you on behalf of the YABs (Young Anabaptists) Committee!

Since the last Global Youth Summit (GYS) in Pennsylvania, USA, in 2015, we have organized an annual YABs Fellowship Week to intentionally connect with and fellowship cross-culturally with young Anabaptists (ages 18–30) through Bible discussion, worship, prayer and the sharing of stories.

This year, the 5th annual YABs Fellowship Week will be 1421 June 2020. During this week, youth and young adult groups from all over the world can encourage each other and celebrate as one young adult Anabaptist community. We will do this together by sharing prayer requests and praise with each other, as well as discussing Scripture based on our theme: Purpose: His and ours (2 Timothy 1:6–14).

YABs Fellowship Week is one week instead of one day since many youth and young adult groups meet during the week, not exclusively on Sundays. A week gives more flexibility for the different contexts and schedules of young adult groups around the world.

As the YABs committee, our vision is that we walk together on the foundation of our Anabaptist identity. That we empower and support each other as young Anabaptists in fellowship, decision-making, and peacemaking initiatives. Our local Anabaptist community may be small in the grand scheme of things, but we have a global community that shares the same roots in Anabaptism.

So, consider this an official invitation to participate in YABs Fellowship Week. Although we can’t be together physically, we can take the time and opportunity to worship together in
spirit and in truth as we strive to live kingdom-focused lives in our respective cultures
and countries.

How can you participate?

Here are some suggestions!

  • Use and adapt the materials (Scripture, songs, discussion questions, prayer requests, testimonies, media, etc.) for use in your youth/young adult group that week. Watch for these materials on Facebook and our website.
  • Between 14–21 June 2020, organize a YABs Fellowship Week event with other youth/young adult groups! Use the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other Anabaptist communities. It doesn’t have to be complicated; just get together to worship, play, discuss, and pray – in person or online.
  • Join the discussion in a private Facebook group and meet other YABs from around the world and share conversations on your different perspectives.
  • Join us on Slack for a group chat on the discussion questions and Bible passages and to pray together and to share stories.
  • Share your story globally! We want to share your testimony on the impact of participating in the Global Youth Summit, a story of how God is working in your local context, a meaningful worship song or a prayer or prayer request. Please send your song, prayer or story via Facebook or by emailing yabs@mwc-cmm.org no later than end of July.
  • Send us feedback on YABs Fellowship Week after the event and submit input on future YABs projects via this link.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay engaged via social media! #YABs #mwcmm #yabsprayer

Thank you for joining us in this exciting fellowship! We eagerly anticipate hearing from you and are grateful that you are a part of our global family!

May the peace of Christ be with you and may God’s Word dwell in you richly,

For more information, please contact your regional YABs committee member:

The YABs Committee

Larissa Swartz – North America, chair

Oscar Suárez – Latin America

Makadunyiswe Ngulube – Africa

Jantine Huisman – Europe

Ebenezer Mondez – Asia