A pastoral letter for Anabaptist-Mennonites in Kenya

Beloved sisters and brothers: 

Our brothers and sisters in Kenya Mennonite Church have asked for prayer that the continuous rain in Kisumu County would subside.

Weeks of heavier than usual rains for the season have wreaked havoc in many parts of East Africa, a region vulnerable to climate disasters. 

The existing flooding was made worse on Sunday morning, 5 May 2024, when the rain broke the banks of the nearby River Nyando. Major roads and the bridge connecting Kisumu to Nairobi and other neighbouring cities was submerged. This has considerably slowed down rescue and aid efforts. 

Businesses and schools were forced to close. Some 600 people are still trapped in their homes. Some 15,000 people have been displaced and cases of water-borne diseases like typhoid and schistosomiasis are starting to surface. 

As one family of faith, we ask you to remember the people of Kenya – especially our Mennonite brothers and sisters – in your individual and corporate prayers. 

  • May the rain and flood waters subside
  • May land access to affected areas open soon. 
  • May businesses that suffer loss recover 
  • May people be protected from water-borne illnesses.
  • May medical support be available. 

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.
In the name of Jesus, Prince of Peace, amen.

Henk Stenvers, president, Mennonite World Conference