MKC promises memorable and inspirational Assembly

The MWC Assembly in Ethiopia in 2028 takes its first steps toward celebration with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and appointment of a national advisory council. 

From 11-17 January 2024, MWC leaders Liesa Unger (Chief International Events Officer), Sunoko Lin (treasurer), Lisa Carr-Pries (vice president) and Henk Stenvers (president) visited Ethiopia. They met with local leaders from MWC member Meserete Kristos Church (MKC) and viewed potential venues in Addis Ababa and Bishoftu. 

Four representatives were appointed to the national advisory council (NAC) with one appointment pending.  

  • Tewodros Beyene, chair 
  • Tewodros Moges, vice chair 
  • Tigist Tesfaye, recording secretary 
  • Aboma Tefera, communications representative 
  • [pending], youth representative 

The national advisory council is composed of representatives of the member conference to whom it is responsible. Its role is to provide counsel to MWC on planning the Assembly, to assure participation from the host conference, to assess the gifts MKC can contribute, to initiate local fundraising, and to communicate about the event with local congregations.  

An MKC congregation in Ethiopia. Photo: Henk Stenvers

“It is an honour to host the 2028 MWC that coincides with the 500th anniversary of the Mennonite movement,” says Desalegn Abebe. Mennonite World Conference commemorates 500 years since the first Anabaptist baptisms in Zurich, Switzerland, with a 10-year series of Renewal events from 2017-2028). “MKC will do everything at its capacity to make the conference memorable and inspirational,” he says. 

“We are pleased to celebrate this historic event in Ethiopia, home to the largest single MWC national member church,” says Henk Stenvers. “Expressions of Anabaptism today are vibrant and growing around the world, particularly in Africa.” 

MWC global Assemblies often take place in July. However, Ethiopia’s rainy season makes that an unsuitable time. January (coinciding with the holiday season for Coptic Christmas in Ethiopia) April (Easter) and (August) are potential times for the global gathering.  

“We look forward to welcoming thousands of Anabaptist-Mennonites from around the world for five days of worship, learning, experiences and building relationship across cultures in Ethiopia in 2028,” says Liesa Unger.  

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