A month of celebrating Charni Daan

Christmas around the world 

In India, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm from mid November to New Year. Christmas is more special because we get a chance to meet our family and friends. 

People of all age groups go to houses singing carols and dancing: “The prince of peace, our Saviour, Lord Jesus, is born; let’s rejoice in him.”  

Cookies, doughnuts, cakes and Indian traditional anarsa (biscuits), gujiya (pastries) and Saloni are made in every house. Carol singers taste the variety of foods which reflect respect toward each other and give a message to love as written in John 15:12-13. 

A crowd of 200-300 Christians walk the streets to convey the message that our Saviour Jesus Christ is born, as we were commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20. Children and youths perform a skit recreating the scene of first Christmas. 

We also have sports and picnic day which unites everyone of all age groups to know each other better, love each other and live like a family. We share Christmas presents with children from poor backgrounds. 

Christmas day is called Charni Daan in India. Charni means manger and Daan means gift. From this we convey that God gifted us Jesus in manger. The manger represents humbleness: if we want Jesus to born in our heart, we have to make our self very humble and sin-free (Romans 8:10, Mark 10:41-45). 

After Christmas Day, we have Thanksgiving day, to thank God for his gift for us (John 3:16) and for his blessings in our life, health, business, farm. Whatever we received from God as blessings we present: food, fruit and vegetables, money, rice, etc. 

Deepson Masih, Bethesda Mennonite Church Champa (BGCMC), India 




Christmas around the world

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