Young people lead barrier crossing

GKMI Petra-Depok, Indonesia, celebrated being a new creation on Peace Sunday, 18 September 2022, with a special guest. Sadanand Hembrom joined the service from India by video. 

For the last few years, GKMI Petra-Depok in greater Jakarta has been going beyond their church walls to spread the good news. Before the pandemic, they had several mission trips to remote areas on different islands in Indonesia.  

After the 2022 MWC global Assembly, their vision expanded beyond the borders of Indonesia. Eight delegates from the congregation had attended the Assembly and three young adults attended the Global Youth Summit (GYS). 

“We realize that there are church congregations outside Indonesia that we need to know and we can give support in prayer or even by sharing our resources with them,” says Ary Rusdianto, a church leader who was also interpretation coordinator for Indonesian during Assembly.  

The congregation’s GYS participants suggested Sadanand Hembrom, GYS delegate from Brethren in Christ Church Nepal, should speak to the church on Peace Sunday. Ary Rusdianto had interpreted him into Indonesia during the satellite service from GKMI Solo.  

“Inviting someone from other parts of the world to share on a specific occasion at church is a good way to know each other better and support each other,” says Ary Rusdianto. “It shows that we are part of the global family.”  

“Besides that, we think about the great potential of young generations for the future life of the church.” 

At the end of his presentation, Sadanand Hembrom asked for prayer for church planters, for people affected by heavy rains and floods, and for the activities of his national church, BIC Nepal.  

“In our congregation, our understanding and view toward other people is wider, and we have more joy to experience it,” says Ary Rusdianto. 

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