Ministry partner update: ICOMB – September 2021

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Bund evangelischer Freikirchen (Taufgesinnte Gemeinden) – Germany

Member Conference

The Bund evangelischer Freikirchen (Taufgesinnte Gemeinden), is a growing working group of independent churches. The Conference was established in 1989, and today it unites 50 churches and runs a Bible Seminar and four mission agencies. In total, the Conference has approximately 12.000 members.

Bund evangelischer Freikirchen wants to be an association that puts kingdom work at the centre, provides greater awareness in society, and offers congregations, Bible schools and mission agencies a platform for binding cooperation. We stand for this and pray for it.

Gratefulness for our leadership:

We are thankful for our leader Heinrich Klassen and for the first chairman Andreas Neufeld, as well as the entire board of 12 brothers who are volunteers from different congregations, tirelessly standing for the federation, praying and working for the congregations.

What we are grateful to God for and what moves us: 

We give thanks for a wonderful development in the teamwork of the Bund evangelischer Freikirchen. Nine ministry teams are on the road together with a total of almost 50 people from different churches and partner ministries working on different projects. The teams organize seminars, plan new church plants, work on theological works, train leaders and offer pastoral care seminars for whole congregations, and work on public relations, the website and the Conference magazine: “Jünger & Meister” (“Disciples & Masters”). The teams prepare and carry out missionary care in many countries and work with some partner ministries to reach the goal in mission.

The work of the teams connects churches and pastors, promotes the covenant and thus makes us strong together for the gospel and local church building in Germany and beyond.

Please thank our God for this wonderful work and development of the conference.

Germany has been hit very hard in some local regions with rain flood and many people suffer physically and mentally, some have lost almost everything; about 170 people are dead or simply "disappeared" in the floods. Because of this great need, many of our churches are sending volunteers and pastors to the flooded regions to help the people on the ground and alleviate the hardship the best they can. Funds are being collected.

Our churches and partner ministries are starting long-term projects, such as children's camps for flood victims, or camps where families can find peace and people can hear about the love of Jesus Christ and decide to follow him.

Please pray for the churches in Germany, that we can give the right help at the right time to the local flood victims.

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The International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB) is made up of 22 national churches in 19 countries. ICOMB also has associate members in more than 20 countries, all at different points along the pathway to full membership. ICOMB exists to facilitate relationships and ministries to enhance the witness and discipleship of its member national churches - connecting, strengthening and expanding.

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