Sharing the MWC Shared Convictions in USA

Our brothers and sisters of College Community Church Mennonite Brethren, in Clovis, California, USA have found a creative way to use the MWC Shared Convictions in their congregation on the Sundays following Easter 2014.

Pastor Bill Braun, adapted the Shared Convictions, along with other resources, to create a responsive reading to use in their worship series for Eastertide. Their series is drawn from I Peter, the church in times of challenge/persecution.

Bill shares, “At the practical level, I've been blessed as we’ve read these together each week. Hearing and seeing us share these convictions together has made a strong impact on me, more than when I read them alone. Some years ago, we used the shared convictions as the organizing principle for Eastertide worship and this reminded us of that again, though our organizing principle this time was I Peter.”

See a PDF of Shared Convictions: A Responsive Reading here.


How has your congregation shared the MWC Shared Convictions?


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