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GKMI Brangkongan, Central Java

The Brangkongan congregation is a Mennonite church situated near a peaceful resort town, Salatiga. When you get a chance to visit them next year, enjoy the countryside feel and the hospitality of its people. They will surely treat you as their own family members, doesn’t matter where you come from!

GITJ Donorojo, Jepara, Central Java

Jepara is one incredible option for Assembly Scattered, Indonesia, in 2022! Visit Jepara’s Troso Tenun to see textile making with traditional tools - sculpture and woodcarving workshop in Mulyoharjo - Sejuta Akar Lake to see a rubber tree which is hundreds of years old and a lake that provides irrigation for nearby rice fields - GITJ Donorojo, one of the oldest churches (built in 1934) from the Dutch occupation era in Jepara regency - Desa Tempur, a harmonious community with a church (GITJ) and a mosque standing face to face - stay in a beautiful hotel (Sekuro Village Resort) - relax on the white sand beach in Bondo.

GITJ Kaligarang, Central Java

Mr. Kartopon & Mrs. Ngadirah were the first Christians in Kaligarang. Their faith led to the founding of the GITJ Kaligarang congregation. Many believers in the area have relatives attending the church. But in Christ, we are all family!  GITJ Kaligarang is looking forward to welcoming brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world, at Indonesia 2022!

GKMI Srumbung Gunung, Central Java

What GKMI Srumbung Gunung practices is the very Indonesian way of relating to people of other faiths. Come here and see yourself how this one rural anabaptist congregation is indeed a valuable part of the local community!

À la rencontre de GKMI Brangkongan, une Église anabaptise indonésienne
Le Assemblée 2022 de la Conférence Mennonite Mondiale sera en Indonésie! Rencontrez votre congrégation d'accueil : Srumbung Gunu
Assemblée Dispersée -- Jepara