5 lessons from the pandemic

During times of uncertainty, it is normal to be filled with doubt, fear and panic. Remember when Jesus called Peter out onto the water: Peter took a few steps, but as soon as he looked at his circumstances, he was filled with doubt, fear and panic... more/más/suite

Meet your YABs Committee

“As we walk with Jesus in relationship, his peace flows out of us into our relationships with others. It must be based in love,” says Young AnaBaptist Lilia Aranguren a member of Iglesia Menonita Venga tu Reino, Villas de Granada, Bogotá, Colombia... more/más/suite

YABs find purpose in God

“The Gospel of John says that our purpose is to know God and experience eternal life with God,” says young Anabaptist Lilia Aranguren from Bogota, Colombia. “As we walk with Jesus in relationship, his peace flows out of us into our relationships... more/más/suite

A bridge for connecting people

GYS provides one with the opportunity to really open our eyes to the fact that behind all those countries that appear on the map there are brothers and sisters in faith living in diverse social, economic and political contexts. These contexts are... more/más/suite

扁豆湯 (Dal) :從湯到心

生為一位參與MCC所舉辦的國際文化交換活動而住在加拿大的印度人,我在煮過扁豆湯 (Dal)幾遍。我第一次煮的時候我有點緊張,但是一直有人請我煮,而且每次需求的量都增加。我第一次煮是為了我的寄宿家庭。接下來,我寄宿家庭的媽媽請我為Thrift on Kent這家店每週一次「湯日」為員工煮(8位)。最後,請我為她所招集的Avocat (MB的一個宣教活動)煮給50-60位成員。 每次我煮,大家都吃得很開心,所以我很高興可以跟大家分享一點印度的美食。扁豆湯是印度的家常菜,通常會跟印度大餅(... more/más/suite

Young people key to resilient church

A greeting from the Vietnam Mennonite Church to the world. Throughout its history, the people of the Vietnam Mennonite Church (VMC) have never failed to demonstrate their resilience and their commitment to live out the peaceful way of Christ. First... more/más/suite


基督徒父母時常鼓勵他們的子女在教會中尋找終身伴侶,也鼓勵透過國際經驗認識其他國家的教會。這些情況有時候同時發生。 皆為神學院學生的班尼與瑞安娜即將在今年夏天慶祝結婚一周年紀念日,他們的愛情故事是始自於三年前的門諾會青年高峰會與世界大會年會。 上帝的激進行動 加拿大/美國雙國籍的瑞安娜說:「這真是很酷的經歷,因為當時我還是暑期夏令營的總召,在七月中請假去參與其他活動根本是不可能的。」 然而天助也,她得到了幾乎一個月的休假許可,也遞補成為加拿大門諾弟兄會代表團的一員,... more/más/suite

YABs Fellowship Week 2018

This year, we will celebrate our third annual YABs Fellowship Week June 17–24, 2018. The theme is “Called to be Free,” centred on Galatians 5:13–15. We encourage each everyone to choose and adapt these materials in a way that will be useful to your... more/más/suite


食譜: Ugali Ugila是一種麵包狀、令人驚奇的食物,常以雞肉、燉牛肉、肯亞蔬菜湯為伴,有時也加上洋蔥炒雞蛋一起食用。水與麵粉是主要製作材料,而有些人會加入少許鹽巴使之更加美味。在肯亞這是一道人人熟知、稱為「能量補充」的料理。 Wyclif Ochieng在2016-2017年間以門諾會文化交流學員(IVEP, International Visitor Exchange Program)至美國賓州,當他準備這道料理給接待家庭時,發現與接待媽媽小時在南喬治亞州所食用的”玉米片料理”... more/más/suite

A Kenyan's journey into leadership

When I was 12 years old, I was charged with the duty of secretary to our parish youths office. From that time on, I served the church, locally, nationally and internationally. My engagement with Mennonite World Conference (MWC) has shaped who I have... more/más/suite

Breakfast made with love

Recipe: Huevos pericos (Colombian scrambled eggs) Although I’m not good at cooking, I organized a typical Colombian breakfast to share with my host family. Guided by recipes my parents sent from Colombia, I discovered that things made with love are... more/más/suite


食譜:Mole Coloradito Enchiladas 身為墨西哥裔美國人,住在哥倫比亞的便利之一,是墨西哥文化與哥倫比亞文化的相似性。當他們知道我的墨西哥背景之後,我的哥倫比亞接待家庭非常想要知道更多。 接待家庭女主人樂意幫助我烹煮Mole Coloradito Enchilada,這是一道我非常喜愛的食物,從小我祖母與母親就常常烹煮。過程非常有趣,因為光是預備材料就要三小時! 開始烹調之前我得找到所需食材,因為有些材料,像是辣椒,哥倫比亞家庭中並不常見。... more/más/suite


美國紐約 – 從位於聯合國大樓十樓教會中心的MCC聯合國辦公室的窗戶往外看,可以見到聯合國的入口與肯亞的國旗,一種莫名的愛國情緒油然而生。當我身處國外時,我學著更欣賞自己的國家。 在我的國家,我參與Eastleigh團契中心,那是一間位於首都奈洛比的門諾教會,我的雙親都是教會領袖。從小及長,和平這概念深深地刻印在我心中,也促使我大學時主修國際關係。 我2015年從奈洛比大學畢業,在學期間我發現在外交方面的興趣,以及如何將之應用於神學上,也就是說,... more/más/suite

A Young Anabaptist takes flight

Almost a year ago, a step onto a plane was the first into a whole new world of not only learning many new things, but meeting a bunch of inspiring people. In February 2016, my first year as a member of the Young Anabaptists (YABs) Committee started... more/más/suite

New Young Anabaptists Committee Meets in Indonesia

Less than a year ago, I hadn’t the faintest idea that I would be in Indonesia this February, let alone have four new friends from four different continents. But that’s what happens when you engage in your global faith community: you end up in places... more/más/suite

GYS sends a strong call to impact the world by sharing gifts

Anabaptist youth from around the world learn and fellowship together at summit The three-day Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Global Youth Summit (GYS) at Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, concluded Sunday, 19 July 2015, with a... more/más/suite

Young Anabaptists: the present church

YABs take the stage at PA 2015 and set plans for their future They have a relatively short history, but their voices at PA 2015 were arresting and incisive. In fact, the Young Anabaptists’ presentations throughout the morning worship at the Assembly... more/más/suite

Global young adult advocates at UN with MCC

New York, USA – Juan Sebastián Pacheco Lozano is uniquely qualified for his position as the International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) participant serving as the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) intern at Mennonite Central Committee’s (MCC)... more/más/suite

The witness of Regina Mondez

On the morning of 7 November 2013, Regina Mondez, along with most people of the Philippines, was anxiously tracking the radar images of a massive storm heading directly toward them. Even before super typhoon Haiyan slammed into the islands of the... more/más/suite

Project: A-Mar, or Oceans of Love

South American Mennonite youth build friendships across borders Cartagena, Chile – When talking about the sea and border problems between Chile and Bolivia, it is common to hear derogatory and xenophobic comments that mirror patriotic ideas, and... more/más/suite