YABs Fellowship Week

As Young Anabaptists (YABs), we want to use the third week in June on an annual basis to celebrate our common faith and roots in our different cultural contexts by studying and discussing a passage from Scripture, sharing songs and prayer requests, hearing each other’s stories and praying for each other. We’ve compiled some materials below to incorporate into your own local context, no matter what time you meet during the week. Our prayer is that they help draw you into greater community (koinonia), not only in your local communities, but in your international Anabaptist community.

We also encourage you to take the time during that week to reach out to other Anabaptists & Mennonite youth or young adult groups in your area or reconnect with friends you met during GYS to spend time in fellowship together or serve in your community together. Maybe you even want talk about the discussion questions together and spend time praying for each other! We’d love to see how you celebrate YABs Fellowship Week in your community so please be sure to share pictures and videos with us if you can, or even a recap of your discussion.

Read the letter to learn more about YABs Fellowship Week and how you can be involved.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Send photos, videos or testimonies from your YABs celebration here.

2021 events

YABs Fellowship Week Global Virtual Hangout

Tuesday 22 June at 14:00-16:00 UTC (see chart below)

Join us for an open virtual hangout time! Drop in for a few minutes or stay for the full 2 hours to make some new friends from around the world.

Play games together, try out your second language skills, have some interesting conversations, or just spend some time praying for and with your Anabaptist/Mennonite brothers and sisters.

Click here to join.

*Must join from a PC/laptop*

Email YABs@mwc-cmm.org for password

YABs Fellowship Week Virtual Reunion

Saturday, 26 June 2021 at 14:00-15:30 UTC (see chart below)

Join young adults from around the world for a time of sharing, prayer, and worship together around this year's theme of perseverance.

Email yabs@mwc-cmm.org

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus,

The YABs Committee

Click here for YABs Fellowship Week resources


City Time (Daylight Saving)
Vancouver 07:00 (UTC -7)
Guatemala City 08:00 (UTC -6)
Bogota / Lima / Winnipeg 09:00 (UTC -5)
Asuncion / Kitchener / Washington DC 10:00 (UTC -4)
Curitiba 11:00 (UTC -3)
Ouagadougou 14:00 (UTC)
Kinshasa 15:00 (UTC +1)
Amsterdam / Harare 16:00 (UTC +2)
Nairobi / Addis Ababa 17:00 (UTC +3)
Kolkata 19:30 (UTC +5.5)
Semarang 21:00 (UTC +7)
Hong Kong 22:00 (UTC +8)
Seoul / Tokyo 23:00 (UTC +9)
UTC 14:00