February 2018

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February 2018

Generous love amid war in Democratic Republic of Congo

Loving the generous people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is not difficult, but evil happening in the rural Kasaï region of that lush country is hard to comprehend.

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Celebrating World Fellowship Sunday 2018

On World Fellowship Sunday, we worship around a common theme, remembering our common roots and celebrating our worldwide koinonia (communion). Though we worship in different ways, we are united in Christ, as the Holy Spirit transforms us. Thanks to all the congregations who submitted their stories and photos. Please continue to share how your congregation celebrated WFS with photos@mwc-cmm.org.

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New MWC network to encourage, support and connect peacebuilders

“The 105 member churches that form MWC have produced much ‘fruit,’ such as peace related organizations and programs,” says MWC Peace Commission secretary Andrew Suderman. “Finding ways to connect, encourage, and have these Anabaptist peace organizations be in solidarity with one another in our common work towards peace has given rise to the emergence of a Global Anabaptist Peace Network (GAPN).”

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Transformed by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of Jesus Christ

In the mid-1960s, there was a movement throughout Ethiopia among the youth in high schools and campuses. Believers who were committed to prayer, based on the Scripture, started witnessing in schools, offices and on the road.

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Reconciling witness after tragedy in Argentina

When Mennonites of Argentina planned a mission conference to mark the 100th anniversary of Anabaptist witness in their country, they received an unexpected gift: free use of the Palacio Municipal (municipal building) in Malvinas Argentinas, a suburb of greater Buenos Aires.

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The way of the open palm: Peacebuilding at the United Nations

Growing up as a preacher’s son, I was immersed in Christian values. Every memory I have revolves around Vietnamese Mennonite Church (VMC) in Ho Chi Minh City. I learned the way of Christ — to love my neighbours, and to give to the poor.

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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

February 2018: Christians all over the word are invited to pray together for South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where many members of our Anabaptist-Mennonite family are suffering. From all faith traditions, we join together in prayer and fasting on 23 February (the first week of Lent according to the Gregorian calendar) for the gift of peace and witness of the gospel to those who are experiencing ongoing socio-political tension and violence in those regions. Click here to read about how MWC is working with partners in the region to respond. Read more.

February 2018: After guerilla violence affected the larger community, Mennonite pastors, leaders and their congregations publicly committed to a continuing proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the peaceful and holistic development of their country, Paraguay. May the Holy Spirit empower them to promote peace, reconciliation and justice in Paraguay as churches united in prayer and faith. Click here to read their public statement in Spanish and German.

Update: Praise God that in early February, two kidnapped Old Colony Mennonite men were returned to their communities. Praise God that Mennonites and other Christians in Paraguay are coming together to pray for peace and reconciliation in the ongoing situation with the guerilla group. Read more.