August 2016

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August 2016

Peace Sunday 2016

In a world ravaged by violence, it is not easy to be a Peace Church – a church dedicated to the ways of Christ’s peace. These ways require much intentionality, persistence and even sacrifice. It is not always certain that Christ’s ways of peace will be effective. And yet the author of James reminds us that how we plant our seeds matters. If we indeed want the fruit of righteousness (which is closely related to the principle of justice), we must plant in peace. As a worldwide communion of faith, we will be commemorating Peace Sunday on 18 September 2016. How does your church foster the peace that is so needed in our world?

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Aguapanela: youth and children drink in curriculum’s “faith vitamins”

“There is no path, Pilgrim. The path is made by walking.” This lovely phrase by the poet Antonio Machado epitomizes my life journey, particularly the two years I sojourned in Colombia.

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How should Jesus followers respond to the Marrakesh Declaration?

Over the past three years, my family has enjoyed friendship with an extended family from Iraq who came to the USA as refugees and asylum seekers. We have enjoyed meals together in our homes, picnics, hiking trips, choir concerts and church services.

When terrible events happen in the news, we lament together.

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CAMCA 2016: Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean Anabaptist Consultation

The annual Central America, Mexico and Caribbean Anabaptist Consultation (CAMCA) took place 5–9 July 2016 in the Escuela de Capacitación Adventista Salvadoreña, San Juan Opico, La Libertad, El Salvador. Fifty-nine participants came from México, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Argentina.

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A life with no sin

What comes to your mind when you hear the word hospitality? It usually reminds me of the experience I had when I visited a country in another continent. I thought Colombians were good hosts until a family from a different culture hosted me. It was just amazing: the amount and quality of food they offered, their tangible efforts to make me feel very welcomed, every detail in my room, their questions, their respect and readiness to serve in every possible way.

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Ministry partner update: ICOMB – August 2016

After the Panama Summit, I met Cesar for the third annual meeting between Mennonite World Conference (MWC) and ICOMB. We discuss matters of mutual interest and concern. We consider MWC to be our “umbrella” global family. We always collaborate so that we don’t relate to MB national bodies in different ways, especially if there are problems.

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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

August 2016: Brazil is dealing with an unstable government, trying to recover from economic crisis and preparing for the Olympics, all at once. Pray for the Mennonite churches who are wrestling with how to respond to these political challenges from a biblical, Anabaptist, peace perspective. Pray for wisdom and righteousness as some Mennonites join protests against government corruption. As the Olympics bring people from around the world to Brazil for displays of sportsmanship, pray for integrity among the athletes and fans. Praise God for the opportunity for churches to offer hospitality in the Spirit of Christ. Read more...

August 2016: Zimbabwe cries out for restoration. The churches pray for repentance, peace and healing; that the spirit of unity will prevail among the country’s citizens and leaders. We pray that the unemployment rate (over 80%) will decrease. We pray for job opportunities, particularly for the young people. We pray for restoration in the economic sector. We pray that poverty will be eradicated. Earlier this year, a dry spell adversely affected crops and livestock in our country; yet the church continues to give thanks because “the Lord your God…goes with you; he will not fail you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6). May the Body of Christ be a refuge for all those who are lost, and may we journey together as we grow in faith, placing our hope in Jesus Christ, the owner of all the silver and gold. Read more...

Peace Sunday

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