June 2016

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June 2016

MWC (re)launches prayer network

Bogotá, Colombia – “It is sometimes hard to understand all the dynamics of what is happening in other parts of the world,” says Joanne Dietzel, coordinator of the PA 2015 prayer network; “however, as we share in prayer we become one body.”

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Deep in our theological DNA

When a red blood cell first met a nerve cell, it exclaimed, “Ah, an alien!” “No,” replied the nerve cell, “I am your brother.” Participating in the Menno Simons 500th anniversary seminar in the Netherlands in the spring of 1997 was my first time partaking in an international Mennonite gathering. My emotional reaction was to an extent the same as that of the red blood cell: Are these people all Mennonites? Why does their way of thinking differ so much from mine? At the Pennsylvania 2015 MWC Assembly, I experienced this sense even more powerfully!

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Meet your hosts for Indonesia 2021

In July 2009, Mennonite church leaders from Indonesia found themselves in a conversation outside a dormitory in Asuncíon, Paraguay. Although they were not strangers, their paths rarely crossed. The three groups they represented had complex histories that included separation and division.

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Hospitality transforms

The Conference of the Mennonite Church in India (MCI) has been involved in activities of hospitality since the beginning. Each unit church has stories to tell. My home church is thankful to God for the many privileges of receiving strangers in our midst and ministering to them in a variety of ways. Being a part of this church has proved formative and helped shape my understanding of hospitality.

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The heart of a stranger

We have tried to develop the heart of a stranger. And in so doing, we have discovered that the heart of a stranger is actually not far from any of us as long as we are willing to remember and imagine in the right ways.

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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

June 2016: Pray for Venezuela which is suffering materially and financially with an unstable economic, political and social situation. People are suffering from shortages of food and staple items. Protests representing rival political perspectives cause added unrest. “There is much to overcome and still face in order to rebuild this nation,” says Daniel Aponte, president, Iglesia Evangélica Menonita ‘Shalom’ Venezuela. “We remain trusting in the Lord and know that only he can change things.” Pray that the church would live the gospel amid the uncertainty. Read more...

June 2016: Praise God for travelling mercies. Mennonite World Conference leaders represent churches spread out over vast territories; travel for fraternal visits often involves uncertain terrain with unreliable transportation. Praise God for opportunities to worship and fellowship face-to-face with brothers and sisters in the Anabaptist family despite these difficulties and to encourage one another, as MWC regional representative for Central/West Africa, Francisca Ibanda, and Africa Executive Committee member, Steven Mang’ana recently did on a church visit in Burundi and DR Congo in May. Read more...

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