Job posting: Network coordinator – GAHN


In 2003, a small group of healthcare leaders gathered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in conjunction with Mennonite World Conference (MWC) General Assembly to discuss the possibility of developing a global Anabaptist health network. The focus was on Anabaptist related health institutions.  

In July 2015, a leadership summit was convened in conjunction with Mennonite World Conference World Assembly in Harrisburg PA. This event attended by over 80 individuals representing many institutions and health professionals, considered the possibility of a more formal way of developing and sustaining connections.  A task force was created to explore further the vision, mission, simple organizational structure, and data base of what is emerging as the Global Anabaptist Health Network(GAHN).  

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global network that enables all Anabaptist health organizations and health professionals to connect, communicate, and collaborate on ministries of shared interest in the name of Christ. We will focus on the promotion of relationships between individuals and institutions that share similar concerns and priorities of service to others.  

We envision the development of ties and exchanges between institutions with similar specialized services (general medical care, primary health care, mental health, support for the disabled, etc.); between personnel working in these institutions; and between health professionals with Anabaptist links serving in other capacities (independent practice, government, education, research, management, etc.). 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to be a global community of Anabaptist health organizations and professionals that strengthens the witness of the Anabaptist community of faith, providing mutual encouragement, sharing through peer learning, and creating organizational and professional partnerships. Recognizing the great potential for learning from sharing of similar experiences and priorities, whether institutional or individual, we will encourage institutions and individuals to identify and describe aspects of their professional lives that they wish to share with others. 

Job Description 

Job title: Network coordinator – GAHN (volunteer)
Accountable to: Global Anabaptist Health Network chair and Mission Commission secretary
Start date: as soon as possible 

Position information 

Position type: part-time, volunteer (10-15 hours per week)
Position location: Remote (work from home) 

Role Summary

  • Provide administrative leadership to the development of GAHN to connect Anabaptist health organizations and individual health professionals affiliated with member churches of Mennonite World Conference and those that self identify as Anabaptist. 
  • Supervise the production and distribution of information among GAHN members that support the Vision and Mission. 
  • Coordinate and collaborate with Anabaptist associations to amplify the reach of GAHN e.g. Mennonite Health Services, Mennonite Health Care Fellowship, Canadian Mennonite Health Assembly and Mennonite World Conference. 


  • Supervise GAHN presence on social, print and electronic media.
  • Oversee the publication of electronic newsletters. 
  • Create, update and manage membership list, fees and communication. 
  • Supervise the updating of GAHN website. 
  • Develop and distribute information on global health issues. 
  • Prepare and manage annual and multi year program plans and budgets to be approved by GAHN Coordinating Committee. 
  • Create and manage fund raising activities. 
  • Prepare and manage contracts with suppliers and vendors for products and services. 
  • Arrange for creation, management and updating of databases. 
  • Coordinate the design and implementation of member surveys and analyze and prepare reports on results. 
  • Write monthly progress reports on programs and activities. 
  • Assist in the preparation of documentation, agenda and minutes for GAHN Coordinating Committee meetings and attend the meetings. 
  • Collaborate and coordinate with MWC departments.


  • Bachelor's degree and knowledge and experience relevant to the use of information technology to design and manage networks required.   
  • Knowledge and experience applying evidence based theory and best practices to create collaborative individual and organizational networks highly desirable. 
  • Fluency in English language required.  French and/or Spanish languages highly desirable. 
  • Proven writing and communication skills. 
  • Knowledge of and strong appreciation for global Anabaptist community desirable. 


Accountable to and supervised by the Chair of the Global Anabaptist Health Network and collaborate with Secretary of the MWC Mission Commission. 

How to apply

Send cover letter and resume or CV to 

Application opening date: December 2021
Application closing date: when filled