Remember your baptism

Trilateral dialogue report presents gifts and challenges The final report on the Lutheran-Mennonite-Roman Catholic Trilateral Conversation has been published. The report summarizes five years of theological consultations between the three communions... more/más/suite

Preserve church documents, say church historians

“The global church works best when all her parts are engaged in sharing their stories,” said Patrick Obonde, director of missions at the Anabaptist Leadership Education Centre in Kenya. On 17–19 June 2019, historians, pastors and archivists did just... more/más/suite

MWC books: a global conversation

“Although each congregation has its own history and social and cultural background, it is common to experience the same sorts of conflicts, troubles, and situations,” says Ellul Yongha Bae, a Mennonite church leader and publisher in South Korea. “... more/más/suite


如同一顆心臟有四個心房,世界大會的四個委員會在執事、信仰與生活、和平、與宣教四個領域,服事全球重洗派相關的眾教會。四個委員會為總議會提供諮詢、預備材料來協助會員教會、並裝備世界大會所屬各網絡或團契,為了共同的利益而一同事奉。以下是委員會從他們所著重的領域分享的信息。 「但聖靈降臨在你們身上,你們就必得着能力,並要在耶路撒冷、猶太全地和撒瑪利亞,直到地極,作我的見證。」(使徒行傳1:8) 在1960年代中期,伊索比亞高中與大學校園發生一場青年運動,基督徒基於聖經教訓而專心禱告,開始在學校、... more/más/suite

Catholic, Lutheran, Mennonite, Trilateral Dialogue Commission on Baptism

Elspeet, Netherlands – Representatives of the Catholic Church (Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity), the Lutheran World Federation, and Mennonite World Conference met in Elspeet, the Netherlands, 9–13 February 2015, for the third... more/más/suite


天主教、路德會與門諾會有關洗禮的三方對談之第五次會議 德國奧斯堡 – 天主教宗座基督徒合一促進委員會、路德宗世界聯盟,以及門諾會世界大會的代表們於2017年2 月9-14日聚集於德國奧斯堡,就洗禮的意義展開第五次會談,此次在奧斯堡會談亦是五年期三方對話的最後一場。 會談結束後,由法國路德會的Theo Dieter, 美國天主教的William Henn, 以及加拿大門諾會的John Rempel三位教授共同起草了結案報告,名為:「洗禮與進入基督的身體,教會」。... more/más/suite


如同一顆心臟有四個心房,世界大會的四個委員會在執事、信仰與生活、和平、與宣教四個領域,服事全球重洗派相關的眾教會。四個委員會為總議會提供諮詢、預備材料來協助會員教會、並裝備世界大會所屬各網絡或團契,為了共同的利益而一同事奉。以下是委員會從他們所著重的領域分享的信息。 「更新2027」是世界大會發起的十年期系列活動,標誌著重洗派運動從始至今已五百週年。 「被聖道轉化:從重洗派觀點閱讀聖經」,是這系列慶典的第一場,於2017年2月12日在德國奧斯堡舉行。此聚會正符合信仰與活委員會的使命,... more/más/suite

Reconciling the radical reformation

Report on Bearing Fruit , the Lutheran World Federation Task Force to follow up the “Mennonite Action” at the LWF Eleventh Assembly in 2010. Bogotá, Colombia – The reconciliation process between the Lutheran World Federation and Mennonite World... more/más/suite

Deep in our theological DNA

Like the chambers of a heart, the four MWC commissions serve the global community of Anabaptist-related churches, in the areas of deacons, faith and life, peace, mission. Commissions prepare materials for consideration by the General Council, give... more/más/suite

Learning to Know Each Other Better: Researchers embark on a global study of MWC member-churches

In 2012, MWC partnered with the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism (ISGA) at Goshen College (Goshen, Indiana, USA) to launch a multi-year, multi-part research initiative. The goal? To develop a more nuanced picture of the MWC constituency... more/más/suite

Incorporation into the body of Christ

Fourth meeting of the Catholic, Lutheran and Mennonite Trilateral Dialogue Commission on baptism Bogotá, Colombia – Representatives of the Catholic Church (Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity), The Lutheran World Federation, and... more/más/suite

Is Christian faithfulness possible without unity?

By all accounts, the 16th Mennonite World Conference Assembly 21–26 July 2015 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, was a resounding success. Memories of worshiping with more than 8,000 people from 65 countries; unexpected encounters with old and new... more/más/suite

Mennonites and Lutherans Continue Journey Toward Reconciliation

Goshen, Indiana – On 20-23 July, a six-member task force appointed by Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Faith and Life Commission met at Goshen College with counterparts from the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) to review progress globally on the... more/más/suite

Mennonites, Catholics and Lutherans hold second round of dialogue on baptism

Strasbourg, France - “I continue to be inspired by the mutuality of our work,” commented John Rempel of Toronto, Ontario, one of the Mennonite participants in the 26-31 January 2014 second meeting of the Trilateral (Catholic, Lutheran, Mennonite)... more/más/suite

Baptism the focus of trilateral dialogue by Mennonites, Catholics and Lutherans

Rome, Italy/Bogota, Colombia – An international trilateral dialogue between Mennonites, Catholics and Lutherans began in Rome, 9-13 December 2012. According to a joint release issued after the Rome meeting, the overall theme of the five-year process... more/más/suite