Spaghetti and chopsticks: Mutual transformation in YAMEN!

This story was written in February 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic became a worldwide threat. As of April 2020, Minear Mak is still serving in her YAMEN assignment, remaining in close contact with MCC and MWC administrators as health and... more/más/suite

More curious, more daring

“During this year I have learned to be more curious and adventurous. When I return to my country, I hope to be a better servant for Christ and in my church, and also to be more daring when assuming responsibilities,” says Gerhard Peters, a 2018–2019... more/más/suite

“Every second, God is here, helping me”

“A chapter of my story was written while with YAMEN,” says Diana Martínez. The young church leader from Colombia served as an educational assistant at Casa Hogar Belén, a children’s home in Managua, Nicaragua, 2017–2018 through YAMEN. YAMEN (Young... more/más/suite

A recipe to cure homesickness

Laos and Indonesia are both in South East Asia, so some kinds of food are similar. But sometimes, as Laotian teaching English on YAMEN in Indonesia, I miss Lao food. When I make food from home, it helps me to not feel as homesick. Cooking Lao food... more/más/suite

YAMEN ambassador of peace amid violence

Damaris Guaza Sandoval says her year of service in La Ceiba, Honduras, was about equipping young people to be God’s ambassadors of peace where violence is common. The 26-year-old from Cali, Colombia, worked as a social worker with Proyecto Paz y... more/más/suite

How it works: Emergency food distribution

In many parts of the area near Kibwezi, Kenya, I see corn that has dried up. Driving around, it’s hard to find any corn that people will be able to harvest this season. In February 2018, MCC’s partner Utooni Development Organization (UDO), which I... more/más/suite

Um ano transformador: os participantes do YAMEN encontram a Deus e as pessoas em

Bogotá, Colômbia - "O evangelho nos conecta, não importa onde estamos", diz Laurey Segura. Ela viveu essa percepção como professora e trabalhadora juvenil com a ajuda da Rede de Intercâmbio de Jovens Anabatistas-Menonitas (YAMEN), um programa do... more/más/suite

Spanish-speaking YAMENers face unique challenges in Latin American placements

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Serving in an area of the world relatively close to your home country where the dominant language is the same as your own might seem relatively easy. But Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network (YAMEN) participants... more/más/suite

YAMEN service builds faith

Bogotá, Colombia – Taking a risk and trusting in God are sure ways to grow in faith. For Marisela Dyck and Xavier Chen, serving with the Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network (YAMEN) program in 2015-2016 was a year of lessons in relying on God... more/más/suite

Offering our blessings to the world

Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network (YAMEN!) is a joint exchange program of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and Mennonite World Conference (MWC). The purpose of the program is to foster cross-cultural learning and service for young adults... more/más/suite

Healing wounds through art: A YAMEN experience

Bogotá, Colombia – For Keila Viana, seeing how art can heal wounds deepened her understanding of God and his love during her international service in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. “I believe that during this time God worked a lot in my life,” says Viana, a... more/más/suite

Church participation enriches cross cultural experience

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Opportunities to fill leadership responsibilities in a local church enrich Yoweri Murungi’s one-year cross cultural service assignment in Lusaka, Zambia. His many new experiences include leading praise and worship services,... more/más/suite

YAMEN! experience feeds passion for helping children

Joint release by Mennonite World Conference and Mennonite Central Committee Bogotá, Colombia - Within days of her arrival in Bogotá on 21 August 2013 for her YAMEN! term, Rut Arsari already knew it would be difficult for her to leave. The wonderful... more/más/suite

Young adults learn to love God and others through cross-cultural service

Uganda — Among the many memories that Shammah Nakawesi of Uganda brings home from her one-year service assignment in Indonesia is her new understanding of loving God and others. “Even in the uncertainties of life, loving God and loving others is all... more/más/suite

Straddling Lao PDR and Zimbabwe

Vientiane, Lao PDR -- Godswill Muzarabani grew up straddling two cultures in Zimbabwe. His father was from the majority ethnic group, Shona, and his mother was Ndebele, the minority ethnic group – classifications that have led to violence between... more/más/suite

No longer foolish and small

Sukodono, Indonesia--In 2008 I went to Cairo, Egypt, under YAMEN! to work at the Anaphora Retreat Centre of the Coptic Orthodox church. I used my limited English language as a basis for learning Arabic. After a month and a half, however, just as I... more/más/suite