January 2024

Elina Ciptadi“Becoming part of God's bigger picture” was our Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday theme this year: many of you drew yourself into our global mosaic with your celebrations.
Learn how MWC strengthened relationships in the global family in 2023 with our Year in Review video (in English, French, Spanish and Hindi, plus a version with Dutch subtitles). And read a story of Climate Pollinators in North America before our final Creation Care Task Force webinar.
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—Elina Ciptadi

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MWC Year in Review 2023

The focus of Mennonite World Conference in 2023 was on strengthening relationships in our Anabaptist-Mennonite family. We are family, woven together and strengthened as one body of Christ. Sharing joy and sorrow, together we are following Jesus, living out unity, and building peace.

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Striving for integrity

Andre Wiederkehr, of Ontario, Canada, doesn’t have a driver’s license. That’s because he chooses not to use fossil fuels to get around. Without using a car, attending Hanover Mennonite Church on Sundays means riding 21 kilometers by bike. “None of us is really an enthusiastic biker,” says Andre Wiederkehr, who lives on a farm with his brother and parents.

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“Remember your baptism”

Could Anabaptist-Mennonites practice “remembering our baptism” as a tool for lifelong discipleship?
“My memories are that I was accompanied by members of the church and by a singing group. On the day of the baptism the atmosphere was festive. I was submerged in the water of a river in my region known as the Kwilu River.” 

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Isolated churches seek connection

“We are here to walk together as churches so we can help each other follow Jesus,” says Arli Klassen, MWC regional representatives coordinator. She gave that message as she visited the five Caribbean countries with MWC member churches in November 2023. An in-person visit creates space to develop a...

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Less rain, less shade, more people

January to April is the rainy season in Guayaquil, a port city on the coast of Ecuador. But this past year, says Sara Noemi Viteri Moreno, a member of Iglesia Jesus el Buen Pastor (Jesus the good shepherd, a Mennonite church) in Guayaquil, it hardly rained at all.

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“Dalam Yesus Kita Bersaudara...”

In Jesus Christ, we are one family. Will you celebrate with us?

2024 AWFS Submitted Photos

AWFS 2024 Celebration Map

Will you celebrate with us? Add your pin to the celebration map: Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday is an opportunity to remind our communities of faith that we are all part of one body...
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A jar of clay in God’s hands

Sometimes, it’s not an option to discuss difficult topics. Conflicts arise, but we can build something new instead of shattering the old. In 2011, the Mennonite Brethren church in Brazil (COBIM) faced difficult conversations. ...
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Transmission 2023 Migration

The global phenomenon of migration is the subject of 2023’s Transmission video. Transmission is a series of five, 10-minute video productions leading up to 2025, the 500-year celebration of ...
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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

We pray for peace in the whole world: not only regarding wars which are cruel to humanity and also to the environment, but also corruption and ambition for power which harm people. God, deliver us from temptations to violence and power.

We pray for members of the human family who are in the midst of war or violence in their nations. At this time, our hearts cry out especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Myanmar, Ethiopia, Ukraine and Palestine. Lord, deliver them and silence the guns and bombs in those countries.

God, may we draw on your Spirit to live out unity in the midst of disagreements and brokenness. May we recognize your image even in those we oppose. May we extend grace to each other as we confess our sin and assume the best intentions even in those with whom we disagree.

We pray for the churches and for their leaders. May they be strengthened through the Spirit of God. May they walk in faith lead and bring the aroma of Christ wherever they go.

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Prayer for unity from Online Prayer Hour

Online Prayer Hour 19 January 2024

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Following Jesus, living out unity, building peace / Seguir a Jesus, vivir la unidad, construir la paz / Suivre Jesus, vivre l'unite, construire la paix