Mennonite World Conference Info: A community of Anabaptist-related churches

September 2022

Believers bring water for drought baptism

In the drought-prone Borena region of Ethiopia, believers saved water to hold a baptism for 120 new believers. The area in Southern Ethiopia currently has a severe water shortage. Believers excavated land and lined it with plastic to preserve rainwater. They used traditional methods to prevent...
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Fostering relationships

“We want our regional representatives to develop deep relationships with each member church in their region,” says Arli Klassen, regional representatives coordinator. MWC’s regional representatives are part-time volunteers who develop and support relationships with MWC member, associate-member and...
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“We felt the connection”

“I think this type of ‘hybrid’ connectedness has great potential for strengthening the communion of Mennonite-related churches around the world,” says Ray Brubacher.
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Watch for it!

“It was nice to hear something from Indonesia and take part a little bit,” says Erwin Röthlisberger of Evangelische Mennoniten-Gemeinde Bern, Switzerland. He attended Assembly from his home in Europe. Videos from MWC’s Assembly Indonesia 2022 will begin to be posted on MWC’s website and YouTube...
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An opportunity to cross barriers

“Jesus is our hope: even if we go through the valley of the shadow of death, he is by our side.” In the Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday materials for 2023, meet the Christian believer in Burkina Faso who declares this faith despite challenges – and more. MWC creates worship resource materials...
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Finding new ways to respond

Resilience in the face of the pandemic When we look back at what happened in the last two years all throughout the world, one could just offer a sigh. We were never prepared for this. Being locked down for several months in the Philippines forced us to reconfigure our social life. We tend to look...
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Together proclaim the “manifold wisdom of God”

India The missionaries from USA started Mennonite mission work in central India, presently Chhattisgarh state in November 1899. They began with philanthropic works, providing relief to the drought-stricken people. The first baptism of 43 new converts was in December 1900. At the beginning,...
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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

Pray for solidarity, fellowship and discernment as leaders of European churches prepare to gather in person at the end of October. Praise God for the ways Mennonite organizations have cooperated across barriers to respond to the war in Ukraine and refugee crisis in Europe. Pray for their continued hospitality to refugees in their regions.
—submitted by José Arrais, MWC regional representative for Europe

We thank you, God, for Assembly!
Thank you for the opportunity to gather in person despite many barriers to cross.
Thank you for the chance to invite participants from around the world to join through their screens at home.
Thank you for the hospitality of our Indonesian hosts and for the lessons of interfaith harmony they modelled.
Thank you for all the staff and volunteers whose generous and cheerful service enabled the event to happen.
Lord God, nurture the relationships that have been planted through this event. Grow fellowship between our churches to strengthen us as ministers of reconciliation and beacons of shalom.


Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday


ICOMB – September 2022

When we receive the life of Jesus, a living hope is born in us. This new life is constantly being tested in various ways. This is the story of a young Fula...
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It was 20 years ago when my husband and I were mourning the messy demise of our church, which had destabilized during the renewalism of the 1990s.....
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IEU has 16 local churches. The focus is to disciple the membership, and the leaders and coordinate the work among the churches of the region.
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