Season of Creation 2020 – 1



God of all the earth –


Take us outside to your holy places.

Take us out beyond our walls,

Out where we can see our neighbours.

Out past the garden

With its ripe tomatoes and fat watermelons.

Out where flowers bloom yellow and pink

And sway in the wind.

Out to the soil we came from and

The place where we no longer have words

For what we see, but can only

Say how small we are.

There – out there – bend down,

Make mud with your spit;

Smear it on our eyes.


And when the clay cakes and cracks and

We turn our faces to your vast world,

May we see grace, not despair,

and a harvest so plentiful it distresses us.


—Jennifer Schrock


This prayer by Jennifer Schrock is based on an outdoor worship service that took place at Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship, Goshen, Indiana, USA. Jennifer Schrock serves on MWC’s Creation Care Task Force.


Christians across the world are walking in spirit toward care for creation. This #SeasonofCreation celebration takes place 1 September to 4 October 2020.

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