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From left above: Agus Mayanto, Sarah Yetty, Agus Setianto. From left below: Daniel K Trihandoyo, Ary Rusdianto.
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Monday, 17 December 2018

The people of Mennonite World Conference are always working to create space for relationship among the members around the world. Meet the newest faces on the team.

  • National co-coordinators for Indonesia 2021 work with the MWC Chief International Events Officer to plan the global Assembly that will welcome Anabaptist-Mennonites from around the world to a week of worship and fellowship together.

    • World traveller and coffee lover. Sarah Yetty is the event organizer for JKI Injil Kerajaan Semarang (“Holy Stadium,” MWC Assembly host for 2021) and for other Christian events in Semarang. She also operates Olea Tour, a travel agency specializing in pilgrimages to the Holy Land. She has been married to Simon Setiawan for 13 years.

    • Singer and table tennis aficionado. Agus Setianto is a business person with a passion for marriage and family ministry. He is an elder and church member of Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia (GKMI Mennonite church) in Semarang, Indonesia, and has served MWC as General Council representative (2009–2015) and Asia representative on the Executive Committee (2015–2018). Agus and his wife Jovita have three adult children.

  • Guitarist and traveller. Daniel K Trihandoyo is communications and marketing coordinator for Assembly. He has a background in business and marketing in pharmaceutical and consulting. He has served as vice general secretary for GKMI and as chairman in his local congregation. He is a member of the Communication and Partnership Development Committee of the Indonesian Bible Society. Daniel is married to Yohana; they have two young adult daughters.

  • Sea fisher and nature hiker. Ary Rusdianto is the Indonesian language coordinator for Assembly. He is an educator who is involved in his local GKMI church in Depok, West Java. He is married to Sri Haryani; they have two young adult daughters.

A new connecting point for Anabaptist-Mennonite churches across Southeast Asia is the MWC regional representative. MWC regional representatives are part-time volunteer staff responsible for developing and supporting relationships with MWC member, associate-member and potential-member churches; local congregations; and MWC-related partners and agencies.

  • Motorcycle enthusiast. Agus Mayanto of Indonesia is regional representative for Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand), starting October 2018. He is a pastor of Cempaka Putih Jakarta, a GKMI congregation, chair of PIPKA (GKMI’s mission organization) and has previously served MWC on the Mission Commission and as chair of the Global Mission Fellowship. Agus and his wife Rosmaida Simanjuntak have one teenaged daughter.

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I read with interest the Indonesians posted for MWC 2021 planning. Question: How could MWC ignore the oldest Mennonite Conference in Indonesia when selecting planners for this significant event? None of these people is from Gereja Injili di Tanah Jawa (Javanese Mennonite Church) which is the oldest conference and historically the one which MCC has partnered with for more than a century? It seems to me (having served nine years with GITJ) that at least one representative from this august, long-standing group of Mennonites would surely qualify for inclusion in the planning process. Is there a plausible explanation for this glaring exclusion? Thank you and God’s blessings on your ministry to Mennonites worldwide. Shirlee K. Yoder, MCC worker in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia, 1979-1979

Dear Shirlee.
Thank you for interest in the planning process for the MWC Assembly in Indonesia and your comment. Please be assured that GITJ is not at all ignored in the planning of the MWC Assembly in Indonesia. All three Indonesian Mennonite synods (GITJ, GKMI, JKI) are represented on the National Advisory Council for the Assembly in Indonesia and were included in the application process. We are only beginning to build the Assembly staff team. There will be other people following on staff and in commitees.

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