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MWC leaders (César García, second from left) receive thanks from host church Kenya Mennonite Church at the General Council meetings in Limuru, Kenya. Photo: Wilhelm Unger
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Friday, 20 December 2019

English readers were interested in the news that general secretary César García and executive assistant Sandra Báez Rojas of Mennonite World Conference (MWC) have relocated to Canada in February 2019.

They also enjoyed the testimony of YAMENers. “When you make your time and your heart available to serve others, the Lord uses you in ways that you can never imagine,” said Diana Martínez.

Spanish readers were eager to read that Anabaptist church leaders from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela gathered together,…studied the Bible, sang in community, and listened to each other around the theme “The Church as an Agent of Hope in the Socio-Political Context of Latin America.”

French readers mourned the loss of church leaders Majula Roul and Pascal Kulungu. “We thank God for their faithful witness and honour their contributions to mission and reconciliation in the name of Jesus,” said J. Nelson Kraybill, MWC president.

Prayers of gratitude and intercession was popular with visitors in all languages, as were some older stories from the mental health issue of Courier, such as “When mental illness arrives in the pews.”

Spanning languages – including Korean – readers liked the 2018 From our Leaders article by the Mission Commission “Transformed by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of Jesus Christ.”

And “Obedience – A Treasured Inheritance. Reflections on being a disciple of Christ,” by former MWC president Danisa Ndlovu in 2013 is a perennial favourite with readers across languages.

In Vietnamese, added this year, visitors read “Prophetic voices at MWC Assemblies”:
“Never has the world needed our message more.... Now is the time to risk everything for our belief that Jesus is the way to peace;... now is the time to live what we have spoken.” Decades later, these words shape our identity as Anabaptists.

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What were your favourite stories from MWC this year?

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