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In a photo shared with MWC, congregants pray as part of a World Fellowship Sunday worship service in the Philippines. Photo: Ebenezer Mondez
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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Bogota, Colombia – “MWC is a global family through which we experience our participation in the body of Christ,” says general secretary César García. Social media is one place we participate with each other across geographical boundaries.

“We are a meeting place for the Anabaptist family,” says Chief Communications Officer Kristina Toews. “Through MWC’s online platforms, you can talk to each other, sharing lives through photos, prayers and encouragements.”

The MWC Communications team uses social media to share stories, news, prayers – and requests photographs and artwork to use. Submitted artwork & photos have featured on the MWC Christmas greeting and appear on social media and in the MWC resources for World Fellowship Sunday and YABs Fellowship Week.

The April 2017 issue of Courier (MWC’s twice-a-year magazine) contained several featured images readers sent in response to MWC’s invitation.

“I feel happy and proud to contribute to the magazine,” says Johanna Muñoz of Iglesia Menonita de Ciudad Berna in Bogotá, Colombia. She believes it’s important to take care of yourself (the issue’s theme was mental health) and likes to express her feelings through photos.

SALT service worker Danielle Gonzales, MWC web communications coordinator (2016–2017), seeks a wide variety of images – from general worship and prayer settings to specific theme-based material for Courier – that encompass the diversity of the global church.

“It is awesome to see someone send in their photos of their church service in India, Paraguay or DR Congo,” she says. “It is a great way to show our global community on Facebook that MWC is comprised not of leaders only, but it is in fact all church members. There is so much beauty to be shared.”

MWC’s Tuesday prayers on Facebook receive the most interaction, reaching thousands of people. A recent post inviting praying for migrants and refugees received hundreds of responses, and was shared 17 times. Olani Ayana of Ethiopia commented: “I love the work of MWC-CMM. I pray that God [will] make you more bonded in prayer.”

Gonzales appreciates how members share through their comments and photos. “It seems to me that people feel connected through this social media platform and really enjoy seeing the material that is shared.”

Everyone can contribute to the Mennonite World Conference body through MWC’s active Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and soon Flickr, and the comment submission boxes on web stories. How would you express the transforming power of the Word in photography or artwork? Submit your artwork/photography to for consideration for use in Courier and other MWC communications.

“We invite you to participate in the Anabaptist family with us,” says Toews.

—Mennonite World Conference release


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