Mennonite World Conference and Argentinian church mourn death of leader

Edgardo Sánchez. Photo by Kristina Toews
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Monday, 6 April 2015

Bogotá, Colombia – Early Easter morning, 5 April, Edgardo Sánchez, a leader in Iglesia Evangélica Menonita Argentina (Evangelical Mennonite Church of Argentina), died in a car accident while travelling to his home in Neuquén, Argentina.

Later that day, Mennonite World Conference General Secretary, César García of Bogotá, Colombia shared the tragic news with the MWC staff and officers. Sánchez was a member of the MWC Executive Committee since 2009, and represented his church on the MWC General Council.

According to reports, Sánchez and his daughter were involved in an accident while travelling home to Neuquén from meetings in Buenos Aires. Both were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Sánchez died several hours later from accident injuries. His daughter survived and was released from the hospital.

Sánchez, age 52, was a pastor and principal of Fundación Vida (Foundation of Life) school in Neuquén. His funeral was held 6 April. He is survived by his wife Erica and three children.

“We stand with the family in their loss and grief,” wrote Danisa Ndlovu, MWC president. “This is also a big loss as a family of faith, more so as we look forward with great anticipation to meet [for the July 2015 Assembly] in Pennsylvania.”




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