Evening Sermons from PA 2015

Release date: 
Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Read the full text of the evening sermons from PA 2015, by César García, Yukari Kaga, Nzuzi Mukwa, Wieteke van der Molen and Bruxy Cavey. These can also be a helpful resource as you prepare to celebrate World Fellowship Sunday with your congregation.

Evening Sermons from PA 2015

Walking with God (César García, Colombia)

They discovered that unity wasn’t something that was miraculously achieved in the end; it is something that is built along the way. This unity leads to a transformation that can only be found in community. 

Walking in Doubt and Conviction (Yukari Kaga, Japan)

This is the work of the God’s great power. And God works this power for all of us to shield our faith from the danger and restore our conviction in God’s great mercy.

Walking in Conflict and Reconciliation (Nzuzi Mukwa, DR.Congo)

 We must be a bright light and a source of hope. We must share this witness: “God in Christ, reconciling all people to himself.” The cross and the resurrection of Christ grant us the authority to confront the demonic powers of evil which exacerbate human conflicts.

Walking in Autonomy and Community (Wieteke van der Molen, The Netherlands)

Within a community, we cannot stand alone. The interest of the group will collide with that of the individual. And that will cause friction and pain and frustration. But we have no other way. To be human is to be part of a community. We cannot survive on our own. 

Walking in Receiving and Giving (Bruxy Cavey, Canada)

We are a peace church because we are first and foremost a Jesus church and Jesus leads us in the way of peace. We care about justice because we care about Jesus and he cares about justice.