Prayers of gratitude and intercession

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February 2019: As YAMENers continue to serve the Lord, pray for them, that they would always remember that the fear of the Lord is foundation of true knowledge. Pray for spiritual wisdom, and guidance on their journey, and that the seeds they have planted would produce good fruit. May the Lord empower them with inner strength through Holy Spirit. — submitted by Molula Motuba, YAMEN participant from Lesotho, serving in Cambodia.

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February 2019: Praise God that the election in DR Congo took place after one week’s delay. Pray for a peaceful, just and fair transfer of power. The people are also suffering from an outbreak of Ebola, and a food shortage; pray that the new government would have the resources and wisdom to respond well. Pray for MWC member churches Communauté des Églises Frères Mennonites au Congo, Communauté Évangélique Mennonite, Communauté Mennonite au Congo as they seek to be faithful worshippers of Jesus in their hearts and their actions.

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January 2019: “We are in prayer and covet prayer from friends everywhere. Suffering has gone on for too long. Something has to give." MWC regional Representative for Southern Africa Barbara Nkala reports that police and citizens are clashing in Zimbabwe in violent demonstrations sparked by high fuel prices added to continuing economic challenges. Communication is limited. As our many Brethren in Christ brothers and sisters in this country struggle with difficult living conditions every day, pray for the courage to stand for peace and witness for justice.

January 2019: God, the creator and sustainer, strengthen the church in Indonesia for to be stewards of God’s creation there. Over half a year, the archipelago was struck with tsunamis in Lombok, Sulawesi and Sumatra and a landslide in West Java, killing more than 2,000 people with thousands more missing. Praise God the Mennonite churches (GKMI) in Sumatra were able to aid affected communities, and that MDS (Mennonite Diakonia Service) sent teams to isolated islands. Praise God also for a good response from the government. As the churches, with the help of MDS, responds to disasters in Indonesia, showing compassion through preparation, response and prevention, may the three Mennonite synods work together as people driven by hope, grace and peace that comes from God.

January 2019: Pray that MWC members who are suffering persecution and hardship may have the courage and hope to persevere. 

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January 2019: Dear Lord, as we enter this new year, steady our hearts to spread the gospel of peace. May we follow your Spirit as we work for transformation and justice in this world.

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Healthcare workers and Volunteers,
Please take all the necessary precautions that you and your families will not become infected as you serve and help others. May God bless your efforts as we pray.

William Broughton
Public Health Officer
Jamaica Mennonite Church