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June 2022

Attend all online workshops

Pray, learn and dialogue together at Assembly “What’s exciting and inspiring about the workshops and meetings at MWC’s Assembly are the learnings that one receives from hearing new experiences and different teachings for following Jesus Christ,” says Pablo Stucky...
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MWC news: conference or communion

“Are you going to MWC?” It’s a trick question: Mennonite World Conference is not an event, but a family. Nevertheless, Indonesia 2022 – the well-known Assembly event that gathers Anabaptist-Mennonites from around the world – starts on 5 July 2022. There is much to prepare...
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Assembly strives to lower carbon footprint

“Gathering” has become a bigger idea. Two years of changing pandemic restrictions taught people to be together virtually. Mennonite World Conference’s global Assembly benefits from this Zoom savvy. MWC’s event is open for anyone around the world to register to participate in these five days of...
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How to make friends and pray for people – online

11 tips for using the Assembly Hub: You can meet brothers and sisters within the wide diversity of the Mennonite World Conference family in the Assembly Hub.
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Youth voices need to be heard

“What a unique opportunity to ask, observe and listen more than we speak,” says Christen Kong, Mennonite Church Canada delegate for the Global Youth Summit (GYS), 1-4 July 2022 in Salatiga, Indonesia. “I am looking forward to meeting other Mennonite...
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How the Assembly Hub crosses barriers of space

“It’s not the planned things that change us; it’s the encounters,” says Benjamin Isaak-Krauß, a two-time Assembly participant from Germany. Online participants find space for those barrier-crossing encounter at Mennonite World Conference’s event in the Assembly Hub. Event programs can be inspiring...
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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

As we gather in fellowship and hope, we remember our family who live in conflict and crisis: the Kasai and East regions of DR Congo, Myanmar, the Tigray region of Ethiopia, Ukraine, Colombia. Lord, have mercy.

A message from a leader of an MWC member church in Myanmar:

Our country is affected by the global catastrophe: we are suffering from extreme poverty and hunger due to international economic sanctions and internal unrest from war.
We plead for special prayer for the 51 families of our missionaries and church planters and the 415 families of our congregation members. They have left their homes and stay in forest. They have been not able to support their livelihood for a long time. Food shortage is the great challenge.
Please pray for us. We believe that prayer can make a difference.
In this most difficult time of turmoil in Myanmar, God has opened a great door for evangelization. This is the most rewarding time of our mission fields. God is still on the throne.

Pray for those from three Mennonite synods and the local Committee who are preparing for the upcoming 17 GYS and MWC General Assembly events.


Assembly News #8

Joy in the midst of suffering

Wonder and witness, works and Word

Register to enter Assembly Hub: access live streams of the daily plenaries sessions, participate in hybrid and online workshops and discussions, follow Assembly online...
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This planet-wide church has become my home, and the Assembly in Indonesia will be a reunion, a gathering of siblings. In a world fractured by war and pandemic, I long to...
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The Global Anabaptist Project* says: “Pentecostalism is the most rapidly growing expression of Christianity in the world, and Anabaptists are not foreigners to this reality...
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