Ministry partner update: ICOMB – November 2018

MB Mission/Multiply workers Louise and Dave Sinclair-Peters with Victor Wiens in front of a map of Myanmar. Photo: Victor Wiens

The International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB) is made up of 21 national churches in 19 countries with approximately 450,000 members. ICOMB exists to facilitate relationships and ministries to enhance the witness and discipleship of its member national churches – connecting, strengthening and expanding.

Victor Wiens, ICOMB Equipping Coordinator, travelled to Asia in October. Here follow updates from three emerging Mennonite Brethren conferences in Asia:

  • Myanmar: a new MB conference of 10 churches is emerging in Myanmar. It is being led by Burmese leaders Isaiah and Moe Aung, with assistance from MB Mission/Multiply workers Louise and Dave Sinclair-Peters (pictured above with Victor Wiens in front of a map of Myanmar).
  • Thailand: another beach baptism of 10 new believers was held October 10 in Chonburi. This was during the Thailand Anabaptist Gathering. After the baptism, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper with sticky rice and red juice right on the beach. What a great way to witness to new life in Christ.
  • Philippines: after teaching the new ICOMB-based Mission Leadership Training module #1 to Filipino church workers, Victor and Bob Davis participated in a MB-initiated youth praise festival in Baguio called October Praise. It draws hundreds of youth to an evening of worship as a Christian alternative to Oktoberfest. MB elder Sam Arcano gives leadership to this event.

—Victor Wiens, equipping coordinator, ICOMB

16 Nov 2018 - 9:45am