From a broken leg to a mended heart

Photo courtesy of KyongJung Kim.

During a visit to Anabaptist churches in Japan, MWC regional representative KyongJung Kim fellowshipped with two Mennonite Brethren families over a delicious meal of Okonomiyaki, an Osaka special. His host, Naoge, shared her story of how Jesus changed her life and used an accident to bring about healing.

Naoge’s testimony

I accepted Jesus when I was 19. I got baptized on Christmas Day in 1996. Since then, my life has totally changed. I always want to live my life with my Saviour, Jesus Christ. When I got baptized, I was so happy and filled with joy to be able to start the new life that God gave me.

However, something bad happened to me a little while later. I was hit by a car and was injured very badly. My right femur was broken and I had to stay in the hospital. The driver’s wife visited me in the hospital every day.

After a while, she and my mom became good friends. Even after I got out of the hospital, we kept in touch. That has been more than 20 years now. Every year she sends us delicious fruit and cares about me.

What amazes me most is that this lady accepted Jesus and got baptized 3 years ago! My mom and brother-in-law sometimes had a Bible study with her.

This is something I had never imagined when I had the accident. I was so amazed by how God worked and saved her. I am truly thankful to God!

—reporting courtesy of KyongJung Kim, regional representative for North East Asia.


17 Mar 2017 - 11:36am