God’s People in Mission: An Anabaptist Perspective


Missional Frontier

Missional Frontier: Our goal is to share every year one missional frontier with the members of GMF and GASN networks. The idea is to inform, learn, and inspire about the work and challenges that Anabaptist churches and organizations are facing in a particular country.


Articles on Anabaptism and Mission



An extensive bibliography by C. Bauman and J. Krabill, eds., was published in book form in 2000 with over 3,250 titles. Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) has now updated this by including everything written in the past ten years (2000-2010) and made it available electronically.

Click here to see bibliography: Anabaptism and Mission: An online bibliography 1859-2011


Case Studies


Mission Training


Online Courses 


Association of Anabaptist Missiologists

  • List of AMM Certificate Recipients —AAM recognizes significant contributions of individuals from various Anabaptist denominations to mission practice, mission thought and mission administration at its annual gathering.
  • Agenda of 2nd AMM gathering – a sample of this Association’s topics of discussion and speakers.
  • News Release — following the first AAM gathering in 2000, explaining the Association’s purpose and the content of the gathering.
  • Paper presented by Lawrence Yoder at the 2nd gathering in 2000, as an example.