MWC Member Churches Videos

Videos and video channels from national churches, who are members of MWC. We are continually updating this list, please click here to send us your ideas and suggestions of what more should be included. 

AfricaAsia and the PacificEuropeLatin America and the CaribbeanNorth America

Brethren in Christ Church Kenya Conference: Bishop Samuel Muriithi (Kenya, English) - An interview with Bishop Samuel Muriithi shared by BIC Canada.



Brethren in Christ Church (Malawi) Mpingo Wa Abale Mwa Kristu: Bishop Ephraim Disi (Malawi, English) - An interview with Bishop Ephraim Disi shared by BIC Canada.

Brethren in Christ Church Church (Zambia Conference): Bishop Thuma Hamakang'andu (Zambia, English) - An interview with Bishop Thuma Hamakang'andu shared by BIC Canada.


European Mennonite Network: website (Europe: English, Nederlands, Plautdietsch, Deutsch, Polski, Français, Español)

"We want to raise awareness of the Mennonites and their 5 centuries of constant migration within Europe which was caused by religious persecution. Who are they? What influence have they had on the societies they lived in, and what traces have they left? What does their religion look like right now? And what is their role in today’s society? In this project we link historical sites and current locations. Also, a Migration Tour in the summer of 2014 will visit most of them. Through the stories told on this site we hope to introduce the Mennonites of Europe to the world and to (re)connect them with each other."

North America

Brethren in Christ (BIC) Canada:  Vimeo channel (Canada, English)
-"We are a growing faith community" (Canada, English) - An introductory video to the variety of BIC churches in Canada including their mission statement.
-History of BIC Canada (Canada, English) - A video outlining the history of the BIC church, specifically in Canada. 

Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches: Videos (Canada, English) - A variety of videos from previous events.

Evangelical Mennonite Conference (Canada): Vimeo Channel (Canada, English)
-Timeline of EMC Churches (Canada, English) - A timeline of the history of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference, from the beginnings of Anabaptism to the year 2012. 

Mennonite Church Canada: YouTube Channel (Canada, English)
-Mennonites and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Canada, English) - A video explaining the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada and how Mennonites are participating.

Mennonite Church USA: YouTube Channel (USA, English)
-Holistic Christian Witness in Mennonite Church USA (USA, English) - A video that offers a different way of thinking about the relationships among peacemaking, evangelism, service, church planting, and justice.

U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches: YouTube Channel (USA, English)