Global Youth Summit (GYS)

On this page you will find the latest information about the Global Youth Summit (18+).

Be a part of this wonderful event! The next Global Youth Summit (18+) will be held 2–5 July 2021 at Holy Stadium JKI Injil Kerajaan in Semarang, Indonesia.

The Global Youth Summit is a special time when young Anabaptists from the entire world come together. These three days are a time where the Lord allows us to mutually bless each other, and to share news, experiences, and the struggles the we live in our different continents and countries, in order to enrich the faith of all.

Some of these young people are delegates at GYS, and have the role of representing their national churches and countries. Together we work hard to see where/the best ways to encourage young Anabaptists in the following years. After GYS, the delegates’ role continues as they have the responsibility to share with their national church and young people what they have learned. This is very important to give continuity to the work and projects of YABs, which need the support and help of all young people in MWC.

This event occurs four days before the MWC Assembly Gathered, and this allows us to connect as a single family, one body, the church. First we build community with other young people at GYS, and then together with the entire family of the church at Assembly Gathered.

Photos and highlight video from the last GYS 2015 in Pennsylvania, USA

Photos from the GYS in Paraguay