Deacons Commission


The Deacons Commission focuses on the welfare of the churches within the MWC communion, particularly in times of duress, and offers listening, prayer, encouragement and support to churches feeling the need for brothers and sisters to “walk with them” in their particular need.  The commission promotes the attitude and practice of service among member churches by means of visits, teaching and materials.

Program Activities

Commission Members

Siaka Traoré, Chair (Burkina Faso), Henk Stenvers, Secretary (Netherlands), Jurg Braker (Switzerland), Doug Sider (Canada), Hanna Soren (Nepal), Angela Opimi (Bolivia), Ephraim Bainet Disi Mbewe (Malawi), Vikal Pravin Rao (India).

From left above: Henk Stenvers, Hanna Soren, Siaka Traoré,  Jurg Braker, Ephraim Bainet Disi Mbewe, Vikal Pravin Rao. From left below: Doug Sider, Angela Opimi. 


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The four Mennonite World Conference (MWC) commissions represent MWC at work between and beyond the global assemblies, which are held every six years. The commissions have been described as the four chambers of one heart, which seeks to link the global community of Anabaptist-related churches for fellowship, worship, service and witness.

Each of the commissions is comprised of a chairperson, a secretary (staff) and up to 10 members drawn from the MWC General Council. In addition, commissions can have up to five members selected for their specialist competencies.

Commissions prepare issues or materials for consideration by the General Council. Commissions give guidance and propose resources to MWC or member churches. Commissions also facilitate MWC-related networks or fellowships working together on matters of common interest and focus.

The commissions work closely together
 in order to maintain and promote a holistic gospel and vision in the MWC community. In addition, each individual commission establishes three-year goals and works within a given budget.